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Genshin Impact: Beginner’s Guide

Genshin Impact: Beginner’s Guide

If you’re not living under a rock, most of you might have heard of the game Genshin Impact. It’s a free-to-play, role-playing action game developed by HoYoverse. The game was a huge success since it was released back in 2020 with 21+ million registered players around the world.  And if you want to join us in our travels, these are some important information you need to know.

Making a competitive party

Once you start traveling and completing quests, you’ll get three additional characters for free to complete a party of 4. To make a good composition of parties, players need to understand the character’s roles and elements. On each party, there must be a damage dealer, two sub-damage dealers, and one support in the party. Keep in mind that the game is easy to play so any character is viable to use. You should also look into the reactions of elements as it is important to make a good rotation and combos. Another important note is that some enemies may be weaker or resistant to some elements.

Gacha System

Genshin Impact

I hope you don’t have any gambling addiction. Just like any Gacha game, to get good characters and weapons, players must wish on its banner. Hoyoverse will always hype up their incoming banners with character trailers, story quests, or even events. However, the game is not generous with its wishes. There’s only a 0.6% chance to win the banner and you need 90 wishes to guarantee the character. While 80 to 240 wish for their weapon.

The player needs 160 Primogems (in-game currency) which is around P130.6 per wish.  There’s only a bonus for the first purchase. Players can still earn Primogems in-game by finishing quests or opening chests but once you’ve collected them all, you can only get them in events.

Leveling up

Genshin Impact

Every time you see something shiny, either dropped by enemies or just a rock, collect it, you’ll need it one day.

There are many things to consider in leveling up your characters.

Defeating enemies will only give your party a small experience so EXP materials are the best way to level up which can only be collected through quests, chests, and elite enemies.

Once a character reached a specific level, you will be required to ascend them to get stronger depending on your adventure rank. Ascension materials vary from character to character and some of them are difficult to collect. There are four types of materials needed to ascend, elemental gemstones and unique boss material, unique material found in specific locations, and materials dropped by basic enemies.

Another method of leveling up a character is their talent which is a character’s normal attack, elemental skill, and elemental burst. This is how to deal with more damage or improve its effectiveness. At first, requires talent materials from domains and resources dropped by basic enemies. After level five, it will require materials from weekly bosses. To reach max talent level you need a crown from limited-duration events so you have to use it wisely.

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Characters also get stronger with constellations by getting a copy of them from the wish banner. But as mentioned, it’s expensive.

Besides the character, their weapons and artifacts need to level up as well. However, for new travelers, it’s not yet recommended to level them up early in the game. The main reason is that you might spend all your resources and you’ll replace them anyway once you progress in the game.

Another important note is that five-star characters, weapons, or artifacts are often better than four-star and lower. Take it into consideration when leveling up.

There are still hundreds of information every traveler needs to know but I’m sure you’ll know it all on your journey.

Genshin Impact

For now, just enjoy the game, the scenery, the stories, and the cute characters.  See you in Teyvat!

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