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Here comes the HATASU HERO: the three-wheeler ebike to help you save the day

Here comes the HATASU HERO: the three-wheeler ebike to help you save the day

Almost every superhero story would not be complete without the presence of their iconic sidekicks and partners! Batman has Robin, Darna has Ding, and you… well, you got HATASU Hero, the three-wheeler ebike to help you save the day!

Running random errands in your everyday life could be one of the most repetitive tasks in a week, yet remains one of the most hassle as well. Imagine going from one place in the morning to another in the afternoon when the heat is at its peak or the long walks ahead while trying to manage your time for these tasks, these would just add up to stress.

But don’t worry because HATASU got you! Their newest offering is a multi-ride and easy go ebike, HATASU Hero. It introduces practical features such as a high powered motor for better performance. This hero also takes pride in its upgraded controller that offers stronger throttle acceleration that prevents delay. Truly, HATASU Hero is your survival partner to fight the stress and hassle of everyday life.

Here’s how HATASU Hero can help you save the day!

Be a hero in doing your errands

Home is indeed a place of comfort. On the other hand, it also never runs out of “utos” at times. They arrive in the most random form at the most random time! This is where Hero comes into the frame. With its features such as its patented leather roof and back cover, it can help you run errands safety and comfortably. This can protect you from heat, rain, and pollutants anywhere and anytime the “utos” comes.

Be a champion in doing your quick trips

Afternoon strolls could be fun, but not for the seniors you have at home. Walking might be an option but it would be a struggle for some. The HATASU Hero offers an alternative way to take the seniors out in nearby parks without having them walk on hot or rainy days. Treat them anywhere nearby with this hero!

Be a defender in maintaining community safety

Security is a big deal for everyone, especially when it refers to your safety around the neighborhood of the place you call home. Apart from the many errands it can help you with the HATASU Hero could also assist barangay or village marshals in doing rounds and patrols around the area. Aside from making it easier for them to roam around, this hero is helpful even at nighttime with its eagle-eye headlights, which are three times brighter than the ordinary ones.

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Be the super boss in upgrading your livelihood and business

Are you considering to shift converting from fuel-charged motorcycles into an eco-friendly e-bike? Do you want to offer quick delivery services for your local business? Or are you thinking of having a short-range transportation for your resort establishment? This hero definitely got you! You can now do all these business errands at the comfort of riding HATASU Hero. With its bigger storage capacity and comfortable details, this hero makes the perfect partner to leverage your business onto the next level.

Meanwhile, the brand expresses their gratitude for the people’s support for their upcoming new product, the HATASU Hero. They also look forward to reading and watching their clients’ reviews of it. HATASU Hero will have an SRP of P64,990 nationwide. 

The HATASU HERO ebike truly offers running your errands comfortably through its design, safely through its features, and eco-friendly benefits. It proves that not all heroes wear capes, because sometimes all they need is to get in the HATASU Hero! – Josh Austria, Village Pipol.

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