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Here are the top five most-followed Miss Universe 2022 candidates so far

Here are the top five most-followed Miss Universe 2022 candidates so far

We can no longer ignore the fact that social media presence has recently elevated in importance within Miss Universe and other pageants. Although it is difficult to determine how way social media presence affects the competition, being one of the most followed contestants even before the competition begins is still celebrated by fans, and even candidates themselves. But why is that?

Photo | Miss Universe official Facebook page

Having a strong social media presence may not be one of the key factors for clinching the crown.

The judges may not even check the contestant’s social media accounts before the competition, but the organization surely does. The Miss Universe winner is obviously chosen based on her overall stage performance. However, organizations also value authenticity.

Pageant competitions only last a few weeks which is quite a short time to learn about the backgrounds of almost a hundred women contestants. Hence, organizations may consider looking into the contestant’s social media accounts.

When it comes to pageants, Instagram is one of the most popular platforms. This is also where candidates are active in giving updates on their respective pageant journeys. All things considered, let’s have a look at this year’s Miss Universe candidate’s Instagram accounts. 

Here are the top five most-followed Miss Universe 2022 candidates so far:

5th most followed, Anna Sueangam-iam of Thailand

On July 28, Thai actress and model Anna was crowned Miss Universe Thailand 2022. She is currently the fifth most followed candidate on Instagram with 278k followers.

Photo | Anna Sueangam-iam’s Instagram account

4th most followed, Celeste Cortesi of the Philippines

Our very own Celeste, a Filipino-Italian model, was named Miss Universe Philippines 2022 on April 30. To date, she has 401k Instagram followers making her the fourth most followed candidate.

Photo | Miss Universe Philippines’ official Instagram account

3rd most followed, Allessia Rovegno of Peru

On June 14, Peruvian actress and model Allesia was crowned Miss Peru 2022. She presently ranks third among candidates in terms of Instagram followers with 513k.

Photo | Allessia Rovegno’s Instagram account

2nd most followed, Maria Fernanda Aristizabal of Colombia

Maria Fernanda, a Colombian model, was announced as Miss Universe Colombia 2022 on April 6. Currently, she has 515k Instagram followers and is the second most followed candidate.

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Photo | Maria Fernanda Aristizabal’s Instagram account

1st most followed, Diane Leyre of France

Diane, a French model, was crowned Miss France 2022 last December 11, 2021. She currently leads all the candidates with 542k Instagram followers.

Photo | Miss France’s official Instagram account

The rank above represents the most followed on Instagram based on current candidates. Some countries have yet to crown their representatives. Thus, the list could be changed at any time.

In conclusion, winning the Miss Universe title entails a great deal of responsibility. You will not only be the face of Miss Universe, but also a spokesperson. And being a spokesperson necessitates a strong social media presence for her message to be heard by more people.

After all, I still think that perseverance, passion, and destiny are the main keys to becoming Miss Universe.

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