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Gucci’s latest video stars Filipina model Hannah Locsin

Gucci’s latest video stars Filipina model Hannah Locsin

The ecent video of Gucci Mascara L’Obscur Tutorials stars Filipina model Hannah Locsin. It is part of the brand’s two-in-one tutorial series.

This time, it features Gucci Global Makeup Artist Thomas de Kluyver. He was teaching the audience how to achieve a “classic” look with mascara as well as build a wooden cabinet.


In the video set with ’80s vibe, Locsin plays as de Kluyver’s muse where he applies Gucci’s new mascara on her. Moreover, for the second tutorial Locsin shows how to playfully build a wooden cabinet that compliments the setting. Max Siendentopf directed the video.

Get to know Hannah Locsin

Hannah Locsin is a Filipina model who is dominating the international fashion scene. As a matter of fact, she already represented by Women Management in Paris.

Photo from hannahvlocsin

Locsin is under Women Management in Paris. Some magazines like “Vogue” Italia and “Harper’s Bazaar” Kazakhstan had already featured her. She has also been tapped by Gucci to walk in their shows, including their recent one in Milan Fashion Week.

In fact, Locsin has been hitting international catwalks the past months, with the most recent one being Miu Miu’s Fall-Winter presentation at Paris Fashion Week.

She even had the chance to have a selfie with supermodel Gigi Hadid.

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