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Here are some comfy summer outfits you can wear to beat the heat

Here are some comfy summer outfits you can wear to beat the heat

March just arrived and here we are, already sweating like crazy. Summer heat makes us want to go to work in a small tank top and a pair of shorts. Of course, it wouldn’t be appropriate. Plus, we would still like to look as presentable and as fashionable as we can be. Summer outfits should be comfortable, cozy and pleasant.


Here are some comfy summer outfits you can wear to beat the heat:

Bright and breezy

Summer calls for bright outfits. With a yellow button down as a cover-up, you’ll definitely feel refreshed and renewed. Of course, anyone can take the cover-up off to reveal a flowy pink top tucked in a beige ankle pants.

Casual at work

A weekday means a busy day. An all-around girl definitely needs to have a summer outfit that makes her stay relaxed and airy. A white striped top linen long-sleeved top and a pair of mom jeans will definitely let her feel so.

Forever floral

Summer also calls for a trip out of town or out of the country. Of course, one should plan their outfits. Right? Here’s an idea: a white sleeveless top, orange shorts and a floral button down as a removable cover-up. Voila!

Boss babe

A corporate babe has to stay presentable for meetings or speaking in front of a client. A lightweight checkered blazer is the way to go! Thin and easy-to-wear, the blazer doesn’t let you steep in the heat.

Light in linen

Be adventurous with your outfits and mix fabrics. For example, pair a pink cotton shirt with a pair of beige satin shorts and a linen long-sleeved top as a cover-up to protect you from the sun.

Relaxed and sporty

Summer calls for a beach bod! Work out with a white bra top, green cargo shorts a blue lightweight jacket. Keep your face protected with sunscreen and a navy blue baseball cap.

Keeping it airy

Nothing says ‘free and easy’ with a beige knee-length skirt and a blue bra top. Of course, protect yourself from the sun with a light blue linen top as a removable cover-up.


Will you be trying out these summer outfits? Let us know in the comments section below.

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