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#GlobalWomenWhoRULE2021 sets out the International Women’s month in a pink and positive tone

#GlobalWomenWhoRULE2021 sets out the International Women’s month in a pink and positive tone

This Women’s Month we set out to put together an event. Partnering up with TNC (The New Channel), #GlobalWomenWhoRULE2021 spotlights the experiences, struggles, advancements, and achievements of Filipino women. These women also came from different walks of life, local and overseas. At over six hours, the event had over twenty speakers. Of course, it didn’t have any shortage of insights, anecdotes, tips, and guides from women leaders.

It surely gave one a full experience and a good look into what makes a woman who rules tick. It comes in a timely manner, as the roles and responsibilities of women further evolved in this global pandemic setting. Recently, we’ve been experiencing the various quarantine regulations, lockdowns, and curfews in place. Hence, a great shift in work and life balance has occurred. This became the main point of discussion among several of our speakers.

#GlobalWomenWhoRULE2021 sets out the International Women’s month in a pink and positive tone

#GlobalWomenWhoRULE2021 consisted of entrepreneurs, industry leaders, and parents. They shared their tips on how to handle and persevere through unique problems. Especially the ones that presented themselves during this crisis, problems that take their toll physically, mentally, and financially.

Chief among the solutions presented, and almost by necessity, was going digital and taking advantage of the social and market space it provides. Due to the distance created by the pandemic, we recognize that preserving and strengthening your connections must be emphasized now more than ever.

Giving women leaders a platform to gather and present their ideas will be critically important, even in the post-pandemic world. These are lessons for a lifetime, things to guide you every day and through your long-term goals. This is just the beginning. There will be more to look forward to in next year’s summit and beyond, as we continue giving women another platform, another time, another place to be heard.


Unite, love, and encourage each other.

Beyond the pandemic situation, many of these women shared their own personal hardships. They overcome these and continue to work on overcoming them. Another purpose for this event would be to show solidarity. You are not alone in this, and your struggles are women’s struggles.

Much of the advancements in women’s rights and liberties were achieved by banding together. Of course, it showed that this fight would not be for selfish wants, but societal needs. In a world that moves further and further into true equality, we sought to show that there exist things you can work on. In your own way, to live a fulfilled life as a woman.

Global Women Who RULE’s chief ideator and TNC co-founder, Ms. Apple Esplana-Manansala reminded everyone of the objective of the summit as to “reach out to unite, love, and encourage each another.”


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Live confidently and unapologetically.

This show of solidarity says that you too can become a leader. You too can live confidently and unapologetically. Many of our speakers came from different origins and backgrounds. They have all gone down the path of success by making it their own. One of our aims was to share how they carved their own way.

However, not everyone has the same resources or opportunities. No one has a monopoly on personal success and making a difference, and there is no need to wait. If something comes to your mind, go do it. Or make plans to make it happen. It was fortuitous that we were able to set this event leading up to Holy Week and Easter, a time of much-needed reflection.

Coming up to a celebration of new beginnings, which is something many of us, not just women seek and need today. It is our hope that we were able to inspire, refresh, and reinvigorate women. It is also our hope to lead them to act with the right tools and the right motivations.

If you missed the event or wish to see it again, click through the links below to watch the record of the full stream cast exclusively via The New Channel:

We hope you will join us again next year for the Global Women Who RULE 2022. We aim to reach out to even more women as we further develop this summit. Event beneficiary is an innovative and volunteerism-centered group called I am M.A.D. (I am Making a Difference).

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