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Why You Should Watch Newsies, The Broadway Musical

Why You Should Watch Newsies, The Broadway Musical

Back in 1899, newsboys in New York led a strike against two publications that raised their prices. Trying to survive day-to-day, these brave children stood against the big guys. It is their story that we can watch through a Broadway musical called Newsies. Hilarious and spectacular, this musical will lift your spirits right up and inspire you. 

Jaw-dropping performances of newsies

A musical is never without breathtaking choreography and fantastic vocals. Newsies won’t keep you seated for that long. It’s just because you would want to give a standing ovation so early into the musical. From their first song to the curtain call, the newsies exhibit such jaw-dropping performances that could raise the roof. 

Artful tumbling, breaking out in a tap dance, powerful singing. There is so much rage it gets your heart thumping. Maneuvering around moving staircases isn’t an easy feat but the newsies make it look effortless while singing so charmingly. 

One of their song numbers, Seize the Day, is certainly a showstopper. It is this very performance that they presented on their Tony stage when the musical was nominated for 8 awards, one being the Best Choreography. Dancing on newspapers, leaping across the stage in splits, and declaring the strike, these newsies have a way of making you breathless. 

Songs of newsies

Lyrics by Jack Feldman and composed by Alan Menken, Newsies is packed with songs that can make you cry, laugh, smile, and seethe with rage on behalf of these newsboys. 

Where does it say you gotta’ live and die here?

Where does it say a guy can’t catch a break?

Why should you only take what you’re given?

Why should you spend your whole life living

trapped where there ain’t no future

Even at 17!

Breaking your back for someone else’s sake!

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It’s not just the song itself but the emotions that the cast brings into it. Jack Kelly, played by Jeremy Jordan, is purely heartbreaking while singing about his woes and dreams in Santa Fe. 

Songs are meant to make you feel and that is exactly what this whole musical does to you. 

The ensemble of characters

So the world says no? Well the kids do too!

The World Will Know, Newsies

There’s more than just one newsboy. There are at least twenty and every single one of them is charming and hilarious. Great chemistry all around the cast is present and you will definitely be amused by their slang and accents. There is no doubt that you will have more than one favorite character. It is through them that you will witness family, friendship, love, heartbreak, and many more. 

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A piece of history

This musical is a reminder that just because you are young, that doesn’t mean you can’t start a change. That doesn’t mean that you can’t fight and stand against the big people. This is inspired by a true story and years ago, newsboys from all around New York City campaigned for a change. It’s an honor to that piece of history.

As the newsies have said, “Seize the day!”

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