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Fulfill your thirst for alcohol and donate at the same time with Roux Boisson

Fulfill your thirst for alcohol and donate at the same time with Roux Boisson

The business concept for Roux Boisson came as a disguise. It was through an epiphany that owner Heraleo Zafranco experienced while pouring himself a glass of Sangria by himself, reminiscing the good times he spent outdoors pre-pandemic.
“While drinking, I was reading the news and got disheartened with all the people who are in need especially during this time. I then thought, why not start a bottled alcoholic drinks business and help those in need while you’re at it? I shared the idea with my friends, and they were very supportive.”

Roux Boisson

Roux in French translates to foxy. Boisson, on the other hand, means drink. And what better name to call a cocktail business that perfectly describes how we be when we get a sip or two?
“With the birth of Roux, our advocacy #BottleForYouHelpForOthers was also introduced where a part of our sales will be donated in every bottle sold.”

A business and advocacy

Their beneficiary for August was rights group Pagkakaisa ng mga Samahan ng Tsuper at Operator Nationwide (PISTON) to aid jeepney drivers and their families as they cope with unemployment due to the pandemic.
I know a lot can agree that drinking alcohol at home (responsibly) has somehow played a huge part in our quarantine life. Roux wants to be part of that experience, being there to comfort each anxious individual.
“It gave us a sense of a break with all that is happening. Alcohol accompanied us in our online inumans or e-numans with friends. It gave us a touch of bliss and a sense of nostalgia when everything was fine. We, at Roux, want to give that to other people as well. We want people to experience a bit of bliss even for a while.”

A whole new experience

Roux’s drinks or boissons, as they call them, are meticulously thought off. It can remind you of something you’ve tasted before and yet provide you a whole new experience at the same time.
“The taste of our boissons is familiar yet new.. We offer classic drinks but Roux-ified such as the Sangria Rouge and Sangria Blanc. We also offer new experiences such as the Sangria Rosé and Sangria Bleu (one of our best sellers). And of course, a hybrid of two classic cocktails, our Good Morning, Vodka (our other best seller).”
You might not taste the strongness of alcohol as you drink it but trust us, this will caught you off guard! They’ve created the drinks in such a way that you will enjoy it without minding the hungover!
Roux has made them convenient as well in their packaging. “Our boissons are very easy to drink, but they really stab you in the back because you’ll never taste the alcohol but you’ll definitely feel it. Also, we removed the hassle of buying and cutting fruits and bottled them up together with our drinks to really heighten up the experience.”
Roux offers five flavors: Sangria Rouge, Sangria Blanc, Sangria Rosé, Sangria Bleu, and Good Morning, Vodka. Each is bottled and sealed in a 350ml reusable bottle. They also use eco bags as packaging for delivery.
Ranging from P179-P199, these cocktails are must-haves for your weekend in! They are freshly made every day to ensure its quality of taste.
What are you waiting for? Visit their Instagram and order in for the much-needed unwinding sesh at home.
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