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For Sharon, Gabbi Garcia is one of the most beautiful faces in showbiz

For Sharon, Gabbi Garcia is one of the most beautiful faces in showbiz

Actress-singer Gabbi Garcia is one of the beautiful morena beauties in Philippine entertainment scene — and Megastar Sharon Cuneta has already acknowledged that.

In a recent Instagram post of the 21-year-old Kapuso star, the one and only Megastar left a heartfelt comment, which sparked an online conversation between the two actresses.

“I think you are one of the most beautiful,” Sharon wrote.

Of course, Gabbi felt kilig and responded to the comment. “OMG. Hi, Ms. Sharon! I’m so kilig! Thank you po!

“Stay safe always! My parents and I just rewatched ‘Caregiver’ last night! Hihi,” she added, referring to Megastar’s 2008 heartwarming film 2008 by Chito Roño.

Gabbi as morena beauty

Gabbi has been known as one the representations of morena beauty in Philippine showbiz. She has always been proud of her brown complexion, and she consistently sends a message of body positivity on her social media accounts.

“Happy ako with my skin, and I am identified as a morena, so wala nang tanong. I won’t exchange that for anything.”

However, there were times when Gabbi felt insecure about her skin color. In an interview with, she shared her biggest insecurities while growing up.

“I’ve had issues about it before when I was a kid. Siyempre we all go through that,” she says. “Whenever I would do VTRs for commercials I would be shortlisted but I would always end up not getting the project.”

In fact, she shared that the ones that would get the project were mostly fair-skinned applicants.

“They would get all the mestizas because that was the mentality before. Only the mesitzas would do the commercials. I was really doubting my skin color that time. But now I really love it.”

As she matures, Gabbi have learned to appreciate and love her skin color and other things she thought were “flaws” or “imperfections.”

“Siyempre because of pure family support. And my support system was really strong, from my sister, from my friends,” she shared.

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