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Five times TWICE Chaeyoung expressed her true self

Five times TWICE Chaeyoung expressed her true self

Coming up as the TOP 6th winner of the Korean reality show, SIXTEEN, Son Chaeyoung is now known as the main rapper of TWICE. Since the last seven successful years of their career as a Korean girl group, Chaeyoung is one of the members who’s known for being herself. From impulsively cutting her hair short, to having visible body tattoos, Chaeyoung is known to break K-Pop stereotypes.

Here are five instances where TWICE Chaeyoung expressed her true self

Chaeyoung cutting her hair short

During their guest appearance on the reality show Weekly Idol, Chaeyoung revealed her reason when asked by the host. She said that she was inspired and instantly fell in love with Kristin Stewart’s short hairstyle. She had surprised the members and the whole agency, especially Park Jin Young, the girl group’s executive producer. However, her impulsive decision to cut her hair short is one of the hairstyles Son Chaeyoung has owned. This gave her a girl-crush branding in the K-Pop industry.

Strong and Charismatic Image

During one of her magazine shoots, TWICE Chaeyoung bared her courage and unspoken side. Chaeyoung dispatched an edgy look with her black and white photos, conveying a strong and charismatic vibe. Being one of the TWICE maknaes, she said that she wanted to express herself more than K-Pop’s aegyo culture. She also mentioned that K-Pop idols are still considered idols, having their own unique styles.

Quirky artworks and OOTDs

In her live streams and some of their TTT episodes on YouTube, Chaeyoung is seen to have a peculiar taste in art. Due to her artistic drawings and paintings, fans dubbed her chaengcasso. She has a distinct art style and a great talent as well in music, poetry, photography, and film. No wonder she is considered the most talented member of TWICE.

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Moreover, Chaeyoung is also famous for her Outfit of the Day, or OOTDs. Chaeyoung once wore a bright sky-blue jacket, a ruched jacket, and a patterned coat. She also wore her self-made painted sweatshirt saying, Be Yourself, partnered with a brown-patterned skirt. One of the best outfits that suit her style is when she is dressed with an oversized gray sweatshirt, a maxi skirt, and a bucket hat. 


K-Pop is known for being a conservative industry, especially being in a girl group band. Having a free spirit, Chaeyoung got multiple body tattoos despite Korea’s cultural taboos. Some of her visible tattoos include a lip smack on her wrist, and fish, cherry tomatoes, and carrots on her arms. She also has small flowers on her fingers and an arrowed heart below her left ear. Finally, she got a back tattoo last year that no one knows what it is yet.

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