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5 Best Slice of Life Anime Series You Should Watch

5 Best Slice of Life Anime Series You Should Watch

Want a comedy, drama, and romance on a whole new level? Check these best slice-of-life anime series you must watch. Slice of life is a genre that contains comedic moments, serious drama, and a cute bit of romance. It is also known as the feel-good genre because it is all about calmness like a normal life.

This genre is very relaxing to watch. If you are the type of viewer that wants to get out from the mainstream anime that is full of intense and those “anime” things, this is a perfect time to try watching this genre and change your pace a little bit.

5 Best Slice of Life Anime Series You Should Watch

Gakuen Babysitters

This anime tells the story of Ryuuichi and his younger brother Kotarou are taken in by Youko Morinomiya, the stern chairwoman of an elite academy. In exchange for being a legal guardian. Along with this, is that Ryuichi must work outside of class hours at the school daycare, where Kotaro will stay during the day. Also, it follows the story of the daycare children’s antics and their lives. It’s a comedy and the overloaded cuteness of the babies in one will surely make your day.

Fruits Basket

Fruits Basket is a slice-of-life anime story that is full of intense heartbreaking moments. This anime is quite dramatic, and if you are looking for a carefree type of series, this is not it. It follows the story of Tooru Honda, a very optimistic girl who ends up living with the Souma family. Amidst the kind and welcoming image of the family, they have dark secrets and a past within. What is good about this anime is the development of each character and the relationship between everyone. It is all about love, acceptance, and friendship.

Nichijou: My Ordinary Life

This is one of the most hilarious series in all of existence. Even if you have not watched this show, you will recognize the characters from various memes across the internet. The anime show follows the story of three high school girls’ daily lives with life-long friendships. The humor and charm of the show make it better.

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Horimiya was the one of most watched romantic comedy debuts of all time. Its relatable and great characters stole the hearts of many fans. Also, it was one of the most popular anime of 2021.

Komi Can’t Communicate

This show solidified its position as one of the best slice-of-life anime in the modern era. This tells the life of Shoko Komi who experienced intense social anxiety and spent most of her life alone. However, it changed when she entered high school and start to make friends with Hito Hito Tadano. Moreover, It is an uplifting show that offers quite a realistic look into anxiety and also it shows how friendship can it. Each character has a quirkiness that makes the show more interesting.

These slice of life anime recommendations will surely give you enjoyment and entertainment but also gives you the inspiration to live your daily life beautifully. Happy watching!

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