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Experiencing the ‘New’ Star City

Experiencing the ‘New’ Star City

If you thought Star City’s memoir remain buried in ashes after the 2019 fire, then this will prove you wrong. Star City regained its glory last 2022 with new interiors, attractions, and updated color aesthetics. Here are the things I experienced in the reborn Star City with my friends.

Experiencing the ‘New’ Star City

Main Entrance

Here’s the side of the building with the big ‘STAR CITY’ logo and the doors leading directly to the food plaza.

Big Star City Logo and Food Plaza Entrance.
Big Star City Logo and Food Plaza Entrance.

Here’s the façade of the park. It has carnival-like decorative statues at the top and Christmas decorations.

Star City Façade.
Star City Façade.

The line was a bit long when we arrived since it was the holiday season. It took about 10-15 mins before we were able to purchase a ticket. One star pass costs P699 per head with unlimited rides; P859 is inclusive of Snow World. You can purchase onsite or through the updated Star City website.

Queue in the ticket area.

After purchasing and scanning your ticket, you will be stamped on your arm with this cute red heart.

Red heart stamp.

Here’s your star city checklist and guide. They have about 32 rides and attractions in general.

Star City Rides and Attractions.
Star City Rides and Attractions.


If you don’t want to be disturbed by your heavy bags, the park has these orange lockers too. Some rides prohibit bags and tumblers for your safety. It costs P30 for a small locker and P50 for a large one, each for three hours. It can be unlocked through a face identification system with the guidance of a Star City staff.

Star City Orange Lockers
Outdoor Orange Lockers.

Souvenir Shops

There are bazaars in the hallways of the entrance and exit area that sell shirts, hats, toys, and jackets. There is also a souvenir shop exclusive to Star City merchandise.

Indoor bazaar.

Rides & Attractions

Central Park Carousel

A refresher of our childhood! It’s a good start if you want a chill, up-and-down ride, with the circus music as you giddy up. This mini one is located outdoors, while the grand carousel is indoors. I recommend riding the grand carousel because it has a second floor.

Central Park Carousel in Star City
Photo of the Central Park Carousel.
Photo taken while riding the carousel.

Lolly Swing

I honestly thought this was another childish ride too. You know the ones that a five-year-old child can ride. It was chill until it swings you higher and faster and afterwards, you’ll feel dizzy (no phones allowed while riding this too).

Lolly Swing in Star City
Photo taken of the Lolly Swing.

Surf Dance

If I were to name a near-death experience, this should be it. It was a good idea that I took this on while I was still mustering enough strength because a lot of people are already backing out while in the long queue. And they were right! I was speechless.

This ride will throw you in every possible direction and believe me, our legs were shaking the entire time. At some point, I thought it will end already, only to throw you even higher. If you’re a thrill seeker, this is for you.

Surf Dance in Star City at Night
Photo of the long queue in Surf Dance taken at night time.

Here’s the day view of Star City’s Giant Star Wheel and the Star Flyer. A lot of people are lining up on the star flyer but I chickened out after the Surf Dance.

The Giant Star Wheel and the Star Flyer.

Time Warp Adventure

This one’s the most surprising. I didn’t expect that this attraction has a lot to offer since I expected it to be a small, boring room. But, it’s a museum of different countries and eras with many beautiful backgrounds to take photos with. Here are some photos from the Greece and Egypt area and I’ll leave out the others for your experience too.

Time Warp Adventure Star City Attraction
Time Warp Adventure entrance.
The Greece Room at Time Warp Adventure.
The Egypt Room at Time Warp Adventure.

Gabi ng Lagim

If life isn’t scary enough, then line up for Gabi ng Lagim. I don’t want to spoil too much, but you should go here with a friend so you have someone to pinch, grip onto, and scream with through the dark-lit alleys with those corpses begging for help.

Gabi ng Lagim inside Star City
Gabi ng Lagim entrance.

The Star Frisbee is still alive and kicking with many brave people lining up for it.

See Also

Photo of the Star Frisbee taken at day time.

Bumper Cars Smash

EDSA traffic? Pass. This ride is perfect for crazy drivers, as it will let you bump into those who literally stand in your way. It was a long line for a two-minute fun, but smashing my car to my heart’s content was worth it.

Bumper Cars Smash inside Star City
Photo of Star City’s Bumper Cars Smash.

Food Stalls

Feeling hungry? The park has many outdoor and indoor food stalls, in case those extreme rides have sucked all your energy. Just expect the food and beverages to cost a little higher since the park houses them.

Outdoor stalls in Star City.
Outdoor stalls in Star City.
Indoor Food Plaza.

Sea Horse or Vikings

After the Surf Dance, I feel so much braver to ride this one. If you think a sea horse is gentle, then take this on. I did enjoy this (with eyes closed) and you can feel your stomach sinking when the sea horse pushes backwards and higher. If you’re braver, you can feel it most when you sit at the sea horse’s edge.

Sea Horse or Vikings inside Star City
Photo of the indoor sea horse ride.

Digital Surround Theatre

This attraction feels like an elementary field trip experience. The show was Space Voyage and inside was an open field with a 360° projector area, which can accommodate about 70-80 people. The only thing that I didn’t like was the low picture quality so it was like I had vertigo the whole time.

Digital Surround Theatre in Star City
Note. The Digital Surround Theatre has explosion effects and flashing lights so it may not be suitable for those with epilepsy.

Dinosaur Alive

Another elementary field trip must-have! You can also enjoy this if you love dinosaurs or Jurassic Park movies. You can’t touch these ‘live’ dinosaurs but you can take pictures with them as they move and make dinosaur noises. Unfortunately for me, I couldn’t name a single dinosaur.

Dinosaur Alive in Star City
Entrance of the Dinosaur Alive.
Inside Dinosaur Alive in Star City
Photo taken inside Dinosaur Alive.

Jungle Splash

Experience the mini jungle adventure with this two-person log ride. Expect yourselves to get wet as you will encounter splashes of water while going down the rails at warp speed. It doesn’t have any safety buckles, so you just have to position your feet and hold on for your life.

Jungle Splash in Star City
View of Jungle Splash in Star City
Overlooking view of the Jungle Splash and other rides from the second floor.

Giant Star Wheel

Giant Star Wheel
Photo of the Giant Star Wheel taken at night time.

There’s nothing better to end an amusement park experience than riding a Ferris wheel. It’s the best ride, especially at night, when you can see Manila bay and city lights as if they’re stars. It was only a short ride and you won’t expect you’re at the top until you peep. It’s not airconditioned too if you’re wondering.

My Star City experience was the highlight of my holiday break and I’m thankful that all staffs were approachable. The majority of the rides were still there too. Hopefully, they also revive the Pirate Adventure when I come back.

What’s a Star City ride that you’re willing to try? Let us know!

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