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How to handle your stress this holiday season

How to handle your stress this holiday season

The holidays are supposed to be the most cheerful time of the year. But, of course, stressors are still there. And, we can’t really avoid the holiday stress. There’s the traffic rush hour, the workload, the mad dashes to the malls and the airports, the extra Starbucks runs, the gift exchanges, the Christmas parties, and so much more. 

How to handle your stress this holiday season

Planning finances. 

Aside from being dubbed as the most cheerful time of the year, the holidays are also the most expensive time of the year. Although gift-giving is not a must, the expression of presenting our loved ones with the present that they’ve been wanting for a long time is priceless. But… the inflation makes our wallets thinner by the second.

It might be too late to actually say this but to save yourself from the holiday stress, plan your finances ahead of time. Set a realistic budget for yourself. Be honest about what you can and can’t spend. So, maybe you can consider alternative gifts to the usual material ones. Get your loved ones some DIY stuff or bring them to an inexpensive or costless experience. 

Setting boundaries. 

Although worrying is a normal everyday emotion, it’s also an emotion that every anxious person has every day. Anxiety presents itself in different ways and at varying levels. So, set boundaries in advance and minimize your exposure to holiday stressors. That way, you can reduce the anxiety that you feel. But, if you can’t minimize your exposure, you can do a little bit of self-care. Deep breaths, meditate, and be mindful of what your body is telling you. Make it a regular routine and alleviate the holiday stress. 

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Taking a break. 

Maintaining your normal daily routine is hard enough to do. And, you have to add a lot to these routines during the holiday season. This includes Christmas shopping, holiday travels, family reunions, and so much more. So, when you feel stressed about these things, you can just simply take a break and do something that makes you calmer. You don’t need to say yes to every invitation that goes your way. Aside from setting boundaries for yourself for the holiday stress, you can set those boundaries for others, too. Say no and don’t forget to take care of yourself. 

The holidays can be hard due to the stress that it brings you. And, I’m sure you aren’t the only one. So, stay with your support system, let yourself feel whatever you’re feeling, plan out self-care strategies, and be compassionate towards yourself. 

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