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5 Instagram-Worthy Coffee Shops in Rizal

5 Instagram-Worthy Coffee Shops in Rizal

Sometimes all you need to get through the week is a cup of coffee and a breathtaking place. One sip of that bittersweet liquid, and everything seems to work out just great. Do you know what can improve coffee more than just sipping it? A great view to take photos. A lot of people know Rizal for its amazing natural spots along with Instagram-worthy coffee shops that you might want to visit.

5 Instagram-Worthy Coffee Shops in Rizal

Burrow Café

Within the grounds of Antipolo Beehouse lies an underground cafe called Burrow Café. You will immediately fall in love with this colorful hideout’s distinctive design once you step inside. Big open windows surrounded by a forest create a vibrant ambiance to this place.

Photo from: Burrow Café | Facebook

Art Sector and Chimney Café 360

Yes, you saw it right! A 360-degree view of the surroundings, including the mountains and Laguna de Bay. Art Sector and Chimney Café 360 is located at Binangonan, Rizal surely passes the Instagram-worthy list. With its neat lines, whitewashed appearance, and open-air balconies, it has a similar aesthetic to Mediterranean architecture. Arrive here in the late afternoon and you will be treated to an incredible sunset and Metro Manila’s city lights.

Photo from: Art Sector and Chimney Café 360 | Facebook

Cafe Agusta

Perhaps you don’t want a Mediterranean look, well, this next cafe will make you fall in love. Cafe Agusta is a Santorini-inspired roof deck cafe located in Antipolo City, Rizal. What could be better than enjoying scrumptious food and coffee while seeing the skyline of Manila? You will undoubtedly find your new favorite meal among the assortment of salads, pasta, and major courses.

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Photo from: Cafe Agusta | Facebook

Typica Coffee

There was a lot of talk on social media about this Taytay sari-sari store turned coffee business, and for good reason. Typica Coffee offers Japanese-inspired caffeinated drinks that are similar to Japan’s hole-in-the-wall cafes which makes it Instagram-worthy. It has a tiny, cozy, all-white interior with wood accents and a wall that showcases their coffee essentials.

Photo from: Typica Coffee | Facebook

Tahanan Bistro

On the hills of Antipolo, a fine-dining restaurant resides that offers an overlooking space to a forest, a vast garden, and Laguna de Bay. The entire structure was made out of repurposed wood that had been taken from demolished Philippine bridges and old houses. Discover Tahanan Bistro’s gardens and artists’ galleries as you walk around their wonderland.

Photo from: Tahanan Bistro | Facebook

Come visit them right away if you enjoy both coffee and Instagram!

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