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Discovering Fast Food Chain’s Food Hacks

Discovering Fast Food Chain’s Food Hacks

Undoubtedly, Pinoy fast food restaurants have become part of our life. For that reason, most of us grew up eating Jollibee’s Chicken Joy or McDonald’s Fries. And I think this is because of its fairly reasonable cost. Consequently, food hacks or ways to eat more while spending less have become viral.

Netizens are now sharing their food hacks or tipid tricks on eating with these fast food chains. These hacks have been popular for friends and even in people in relationships.

So, if you are planning to eat at Jollibee or Mcdonald’s, here are some food hacks you should try:

Jollibee Food Hack: 

For couples or for a group of two friends, this one’s for you. Just order C6, which consists of 2-Piece of Chicken Joy and one cup of rice for PHP 173. In addition, order B2, which consists of a 2-layer burger steak and one cup of rice for PHP 95. 

Photo from Jollibee.

When the orders arrive, transfer one chicken and one burger steak to your companion’s plate. By that, for only PHP 268, both of you have one chicken joy and one burger steak on your plate. The price of this hack is far less than buying the value meal itself.

Tiktok | Wilma Leonardo

This food hack or tipid trick has been circling around on social media, especially on TikTok. As of the moment, there are thousands of videos about this hack. By means of that, many Filipinos have been doing this food hack, and most are pretty satisfied.

Mcdonald’s Food Hack:

If you find the above-mentioned Jollibee Hack incredible, McDonald’s has its version too. Similar to Jollibee, this food hack might be most applicable to friends and couples. Just order 2-Piece Chicken McDo Solo for PHP 129. Additionally, order 2-Piece McCrispy Chicken Fillet Ala king for PHP 99. (Available only on McDo App)

Photo from McDonald’s.

When the orders arrive, transfer one chicken and one chicken fillet Ala king to your friend or lover’s plate. This food hack will just cost you PHP 228. You will spend less on this food hack compared to the price of buying a value meal.

Many people, especially those who patronize McDonald’s food, have been doing these tipid hacks. Consequently, videos about these tipid hacks have been viral on the internet for a long time.

In the past few months, our country has suffered from sudden price hikes on everything in the market. This includes both essential and non-essential things. Moreover, part of our essentials is food. And evidently, the prices of ingredients and even the ready-made food went higher.

With this, one individual must be wise in spending every cent. This is the very reason why food hacks or tipid tricks have begun viral. With these techniques, people are spending less while eating more. 

How about you? What are your tipid tricks? Share it with us!

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