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Discover the edge: Introducing the pristine beach of Talim

Discover the edge: Introducing the pristine beach of Talim

If you’re from the Metro, Batangas might be the place at the top of your head when asked about weekend destinations.

Well, I can’t blame you. Aside from its proximity to the city, Batangas offers scenic beaches. And I know what you’re thinking: the perfect quick escape from the bustling streets of the city!

Batangas is actually famous, rightfully earning its spot on the list of summer-slash weekend-getaway household names!

Catch the cool waves of Batangas! Photo by Joma dela Merced.

More than the usual

There are a lot more to discover in Batangas.

Yes, aside from the famous beaches in Calatagan, Tingloy, Lian, Lobo, and San Juan that tourists frequent. There are still a lot of beaches that haven’t made it into the trendly list yet, tucked away from the crowd. And early this year, we visited a gem that’s perfectly nestled at the edge of the Philippine mapTalim Beach, in Luyahan, Lian, Batangas!

Talim Camp n’ Sea’s old camp signage. Photo by Joma dela Merced.

Talim prides itself in its long, wide strip of cream-colored sand lapped gently by the signature shallow waters of Lian. Who would’ve thought that after only a three-hour drive, and ten-minute boat ride, you’ll reach paradise?

Well, that’s Talim for us. With its breathtaking virgin coasts, it most definitely is a suitable spot to reset and recharge without the noise of usual beach getaways!

Talim’s fine, cream sand. Photo by Joma dela Merced.

More of Talim

I think what I fell in love with was Talim’s rawness.

It, being a virgin island, allows you to soak up its beauty without much pretense. You can immerse yourself more in nature – Talim is surrounded by it. With the seas around and some mountains behind.

Talim’s infamous ‘tip’ of the map. Photo by Joma dela Merced.

You can simply pitch a tent as you revel in the picturesque landscape of the island. Otherwise, you can enjoy Talim to the fullest as you take on various activities offered by the resorts – may it be beach-combing, swimming, fishing, snorkeling, or island hopping.

View from a pitched tent. Photo by Joma dela Merced.

I love that Talim doesn’t run out of something to offer.

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A bonus full-on camping experience awaits as the island wraps itself in the cool nighttime breeze (there’s no electricity on the island so don’t forget to charge your gadgets up, and bring a power bank).

Seize the opportunity to stargaze as you warm yourself up around the campfire. Definitely a camping experience that will make your stay at Talim worthwhile!

Whether you’re traveling solo or with a group, Talim Beach is the perfect place to camp and unwind without breaking the bank (we just spent a little over Php1,000 each for a group of two).

With the travel guidelines becoming less and less restrictive, now might be a good time to grab your bikinis and essentials, and catch up with the summer you might’ve missed, down south!

After all, a quick beach getaway is never a wrong idea.

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