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Coffee junkies can now enjoy a variety of blends from this local shop

Coffee junkies can now enjoy a variety of blends from this local shop

Whether it’s a necessity to kick-start one’s day or just a morning habit, coffee has been our reliable beverage fix. The high demand for its consumption paved the way for the abundance of commercially available coffee in the market. However, it can get really expensive especially if you are consuming on a daily basis. Conversely, drinking instant [powdered] coffee is also far from considered healthy. Hence, Austin Cruz, a coffee-lover turned entrepreneur, searched for better alternatives to enjoy freshly brewed coffee. From there, WanderBrew PH was born — an online shop offering locally sourced coffee in a teabag.

A successful experiment

Austin shares that as a part of his trials, he tried filtering coffee beans using a tissue paper. To his dismay, it made a huge mess and took a lot of time to accomplish. Thus, he researched further and later found out that coffee in a tea bag was actually a viable alternative. He once again tried the process, this time using an empty tea bag he bought online, and it worked successfully. This eventually gave him the idea to sell the product.

Locally sourced and innovative

WanderBrew’s coffee beans come from the mountains of Cordillera. In fact, their best sellers include Sagada in Medium/Dark Roast, Kalinga in Medium/Dark Roast, and Aroma-Infused Hazelnut. They wanted to support the local farmers by patronizing their products. 

A single brew bag can be used up to two times. Simply steep the bag in a cup of hot water for about three to five minutes, then, voila! Enjoy your perfectly brewed cup of coffee — no fuss, no frills!


Do not be discouraged, keep pushing forward

“Starting a business during the pandemic was a risk in itself,” says Austin about the struggles he faced as a new entrepreneur. He emphasized the challenge of convincing people to buy their products, as everyone tries to avoid unnecessary spending. However, by ensuring that their customers get the highest quality of what they paid for, they slowly overcame this hurdle.

As for his message to aspiring entrepreneurs, Austin reminds them that pursuing a business will always start off with nothing. However, this should not discourage them but instead motivate them to push even more and try harder. He further adds that a lack of support from friends and other people should not make them feel bad. There will be strangers out there who will end up rooting for you as long as you remain humble and kind.

Interested customers can order by sending them a message on Facebook or Instagram. They will then provide a form that you need to fill in. Once the payment has been made and confirmed, orders will be shipped accordingly. Delivery charges are shouldered by the customer. They also deliver nationwide.

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