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Perfect the Singapore toasted bread with a Klasikaya spread

Perfect the Singapore toasted bread with a Klasikaya spread

Brace yourself to be transported to a different place and a much better vibe with a bite of Klasikaya toast!
Business partners Mary Co and Abbie Robes shared how the idea of putting up a small business of Kaya spread came to life in an exclusive interview. It all started with a tasty dish while they were traveling!
“It all began on a  culinary trip to Singapore.  We were told about how famous kaya toast is but we haven’t tried it. So one morning, while we were on a breakfast quest, we found a local coffee shop and we got ourselves their best selling Kaya Toast and boy, they did not disappoint! Weeks after we were back in Manila, we couldn’t help but recreate and developed our recipe of the kaya spread. A kaya spread is a coconut custard jam.  The name KLASIKAYA is a wordplay of KLASIK (classic) and KAYA (the spread)”

Klasikaya: A taste that transcends consumers

Eager to be able to share this wonderful experience with others, Mary and Abbie opened a one-stop-shop for this delectable treat they had discovered. They just knew they shouldn’t be the only ones to try it!
However, the two weighed several factors before finally producing. Commercialized Kaya spread is known to be very sweet because of the high sugar content and it also has a lot of preservatives.
Since most people shifted to a healthier lifestyle even before the pandemic started, they knew that they would also prefer organic and sustainable products.
“We at KLASIKAYA make sure that we get the farm-fresh and organic ingredients as much as possible. We have an improved recipe that is suitable for the people who are in a calorie deficit diet, people who are diabetic, and people who are lactose intolerant.”
The Kaya spread is already gaining rave across South East Asian countries and given the curiosity like Filipinos, this would be popular in no time as well. And once it does pick up, we swear it’s worth the hype.
“KLASIKAYA’s kaya spread is perfect for Filipinos, rather it is made for Filipinos. Supporting  a local small scale business like KLASIKAYA will help to rebuild our crippled economy in the future.”
As a promise, KLASIKAYA vows a taste that travels. It can bring any Filipinos’ palate throughout South East Asia.
For only P185 for a 120ml bottle, and P295 for the 200ml one, there’s not a reason not to indulge yourselves on their products!
They deliver from Katipunan, so heads up, North friends! Head on over to their Instagram to get a hold of this goodness.
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