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Chie Filomeno just got evicted and Twitter users don’t want her to go — the housemate’s family thanks fans for continued support

Chie Filomeno just got evicted and Twitter users don’t want her to go — the housemate’s family thanks fans for continued support

Chie Filomeno evicted

Chie Filomeno, Ang Calendar Vixen ng Antipolo, just got evicted and fans on Twitter aren’t happy about it.

Chie Filomeno evicted

Negative comments directed towards Chie

Criticisms of her, not contributing anything or “walang naiaambag” inside the Pinoy Big Brother house have been prevalent throughout her stay. This, however, was started by one of her fellow housemates, Madam Inutz (with the real name of Daisy Lopez).

For context, she wanted to nominate Chie because:

“…wala naman siyang mai-ambag sa bahay kundi pagpapaganda.”

(…she doesn’t contribute anything to the house except trying to be beautiful.)

Rio, her brother, was quick to her defense, saying that his sister doesn’t deserve the hate. In a Facebook post, he talked about how people all over the internet have thrown Chie a ton of negative comments which he called shallow.

“My sister does not deserve the shallow hate that she’s receiving right now. She’s a very genuine and hardworking person.”

Misogyny and Body-shaming

Rio also pointed out how people on the internet make misogynistic and body-shaming comments. Aside from them not knowing who Chie really is, all of these are just outright wrong. He also pointed out the sad reality that most of the hate is rooted in internal misogyny.

“Ang masama din dito, kapwa babae pa nagbo-body shame and nag-spread ng misogyny about her.”

(What’s worse about this is most of the comments are from her fellow women who body-shame and spread misogyny.)

Aside from enlightening fans about this, he also listed the things his sister accomplished inside the house.

Twitter users show support as Chie got evicted

Many people on Twitter made her trend on the platform and they are mostly words of positivity and support as the former housemate got evicted.

User @views_clues pointed out how unfair the airtime of Chie is on the show,

“The most screen time Chie got was her eviction. You deserve better. Fight on, Chie! There are people like us who can see your true heart, unassociated from all the flashy headlines.”

Another netizen, @anjibestgirl, shared the same sentiment.

“Do you know what’s sadder? PBB did not give Chie the chance to share her story, struggles, and dreams. for that one month, not a single episode that she was the highlight.”

Other users, on the other hand, showed their appreciation for her about specific situations in the house. @intocine wrote,

“I remembered how Chie took care of Shanaia when TJ tried giving her an alcoholic drink despite how many times she said no, Chie was there to stop TJ. we love you, Chienna. I wish nothing but for you to be welcomed here with so much love.”

One of the more curious tweets, however, is how @ilykde pointed out how Chie knew all along that she will be the one eliminated. This is due to the fact that she was put against a “Kumu King”.

“Chie knew, she knew. even before Toni announced that she was evicted. she already knew. ikaw ba naman itapat sa isang kumu king, obvious na. Nakakalungkot lang na she left the house without us getting to know her and her story.”

As of this writing, almost 40,000 tweets have already been published on the platform. This makes it one of the Philippine trends.

The family of Chie thanks fans for their support

Rio once again reminded Twitter users to continue leaving positive comments for her ate to read once she comes back.

“Let’s make sure when ate reads all the tweets it will be all about our love and support for her. Thank you, guys.”

The brother of Chie also left a note for everyone to read, thanking all of the support that his sister receives. As suggested by his caption to the photo, it is from their family.

“Sa lahat ng patience, understanding, effort, and support. Sana patuloy po nating suportahan si ate kahit wala na siya sa PBB House. Magsisimula pa lang ang mga magagandang blessings para kay ate and sana kasama pa rin namin kayo hanggang sa dulo.”

(To all the patience, understanding, effort, and support, thank you. I hope you continue to support ate even though she has exited the PBB house. The blessings for her are just starting and we hope you continue to be with us until the end.)

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