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CHARAN, IT’S NOVEMBER 21! Time to greet the iconic birth-mate Karen Davila and Lyca Gairanod a happy birthday

CHARAN, IT’S NOVEMBER 21! Time to greet the iconic birth-mate Karen Davila and Lyca Gairanod a happy birthday

One of the most anticipated days has come! Today is a perfect day to scream Karen Davila’s iconic line, “Oh my God! Birthday ko ‘yon!” This scene in her vlog interviewing her birth-mate Lyca Gairanod instantly created a splash on the internet and even turned into memes. Officially, it’s time to blow the candles for the duo.

Screenshot from Karen Davila’s vlog, LYCA GAIRANOD’S LIFE AFTER “THE VOICE KIDS”

As Karen stated on her vlog last August 14, their two-in-one birthday celebration was set in stone. Apparently, she didn’t fail Lyca as she fulfilled her promise by throwing an advance birthday bash.

Last night, the newly 51-year old Karen uploaded her recent vlog featuring their weekend birthday celebration. As anticipated, it went viral once as the two crossed their paths again. As of writing, the vlog has reached almost 700,000 views.

Meaningful birthday celebration

In her vlog, Karen confessed that she usually celebrates her birthday quietly, but this year is an exception. Together with Lyca, they decided to mark their celebration in a meaningful way.

Instead of focusing on themselves, the veteran broadcast journalist and “The Voice Kids” winner handed out gifts for the residents of Lyca’s hometown, Tanza, Cavite. Karen said,

“Sa birthday celebration na ito, kumbaga tayo ang magbibigay kaysa tayo ang reregaluhan.”

With the assistance of benefactors, the celebrants gave away branded products including clothes, bicycles, smartphones, loading kits, pocket Wi-Fis, and food packs. Moreover, they provided cycling safety manuals, vests, and helmets.

Screenshot from Karen Davila’s vlog, OMG! IT’S KAREN & LYCA’S BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION!!

Karen also explained that they came up with bicycles. As she mentioned, it can be an avenue for the beneficiaries to assist them in their livelihood.

“Kasi ang bike sa pananaw namin, nakakatulong ito sa pagbibigay ng hanapbuhay.”

Gretchen Ho and Small Laude joined the party

Meanwhile, thanks to television personality Gretchen Ho for being one of the organizers of the event. In fact, she is the woman behind the advocacy drive #BikeForLivelihood. No doubt that she enjoyed the party seeing the beneficiaries receiving their bicycles.

YouTuber Small Laude was also one of the partygoers who spent a day with Karen and her new bestie, Lyca. In her vlog, she revealed that her daughter, Allison, gave Lyca a luxurious bag.

Additionally, as they raided Lyca’s house, Laude also promised to fix its parts as requested by his entrepreneur husband.

Queen Lyca’s heartfelt performance

The now 17-year-old Lyca took the spotlight as she held her own concert singing “Kabilang Buhay”. A few months ago, her Wish 107.5 performance pulling off the same song earned positive feedback from the public. As of now, the video already hit 12 million views.

In the event, the audience requested a duet along with Karen. However, the broadcast journalist just showed her birthday tita dance moves.

Feeling blessed and grateful

In the last part of her vlog, Karen expressed how grateful she is for all the blessings in life. She even affirmed that sometimes,

“We don’t need much in life. What’s important is we don’t forget what we have.”

Her two sons, David and Lucas, greeted her with a special message and offered a prayer for their mom.

Meanwhile, Hilario Gairanod, the father of “The Voice Kids” alumna, recalled how Lyca’s talent transformed their lives. He also wished her to study hard and to be kind all the time.

She also posted a photo on her Instagram, with texts showing her appreciation for the opportunities that come her way.

Happiest birthday, Queens! Wishing you all fine things in your new age and many more years of joy, love, and prosperity. And of course, hoping to see more collaborations between the two of you!

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