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Kris Aquino thanks fiancé Mel Sarmiento for being ‘The Better Man’ amid Herbert’s ‘loose remark’

Kris Aquino thanks fiancé Mel Sarmiento for being ‘The Better Man’ amid Herbert’s ‘loose remark’

Kris Aquino has indeed found love and we couldn’t be happier for her. However, due to this and her being a public figure, many people think that they have the right to chime in and give their opinions.

Kris Aquino Mel Sarmineto

Herbert Bautista’s “loose remark”

One of these people is Senatorial aspirant and former Quezon City mayor Herbert Bautista.

In a now-deleted post, he stated,

Mr. President Ping @iampinglacson, na-inspire din tuloy akong mag-propose. Kaso, sayang… may napili na po sya. (broken heart emojis). #KungMaibabalikKoLang #TOTGA

(Mr. President Ping @iampinglacson, now, I’m inspired to propose. However, unfortunately… she has already chosen someone.)

Many believe that Herbert is referring to the publicized engagement of Kris Aquino and Mel Sarmiento. Both of them have already released their statements about this as a call-out to the Senatorial-aspirant.

Kris Aquino and Mel Sarmiento’s responses

The Queen of All Media addressed Herbert. She emphasized that he was already “within striking distance (to the) Magic 12, so there’s no need to use our past to gain attention.”

On the other hand, her fiancé, former Secretary of the Interior and Local Government, Mel Sarmiento, also gave his two cents.

“As a former public servant now seeking a seat in the Senate, he should know better than dragging other people to get public attention. Hindi po showbiz ang Senado (The Senate is not Show business). People would appreciate it more if he would talk about his credentials to woo our people’s votes.”

Rightfully so, Herbert has already apologized for this. He reiterated that he still regrets the chances he didn’t take but admits that Kris deserves better.

Kris addressing her fiancé as “The Better Man”

Amid all of these, Kris couldn’t help but express her appreciation for Mel.

“When I woke up beside him this morning, I really thanked God and thanked my Kuya up in heaven for reconnecting me with #thebetterman.”

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The TV host thanked her “babe”. She acknowledged how nobody has stood up & fought for her the way Mel has consistently been doing.

“You have never blamed me for my past, instead you have just loved me for me.”

“Every time I remember last week when we mistakenly thought ready for occupancy na Bimb’s unit, (we are leasing 2, unfortunately, 1 floor apart) before we left he hugged you tight and said, “I love you Tito Mel, please take special care of mama because I love her so much.” I really thank God because my beloved bunso both love & trusts you. #family.”

Quick reminder

All I wanna remind everyone about this is that celebrities are people too. Them being public figures doesn’t give you the right to air your opinions. And no, criticisms and gossip shouldn’t come with being in the public eye. Unlearn that.

And since I know Kris to be a Swiftie, I’m guessing the term “the better man” is in reference to Taylor Swift’s Red (Taylor’s Version) (From the Vault) song, Better Man.

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