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Anne Jakrajutatip ‘surprised but not shocked’ after frontrunners fall short of advancing to the pageant’s Top 16

Anne Jakrajutatip ‘surprised but not shocked’ after frontrunners fall short of advancing to the pageant’s Top 16

The beautiful Miss Universe Organization (MUO) owner Anne Jakrajutatip confessed something quite interesting. She mentions how she was “surprised but not shocked” after Philippine bet Celeste Cortesi and other frontrunners were not able to advance to the 2022 pageant’s Top 16.

On Wednesday, January 18, Anne shared this in a conversation with Filipino entrepreneur Olivia Quido as seen on the latter’s Facebook page. The subject was brought up after Olivia, a member of the pageant’s selection committee, stated how Filipino fans were surprised over Cortesi’s non-inclusion in the Top 16.

Anne said while also mentioning several other frontrunners including Italy, Mexico, and Honduras who did not make the cut, “I’m surprised also — Thailand… I sit down and I thought, ‘Goodness heavens, what is happening here?’”

She continued, “I counted myself, like 15 or 20 of them that used to be in the poll internationally — everyone just ripped off the poll. Everything just went upside down.”

The new MUO owner then reiterated that while she was surprised by the results, she was “not shocked” because the pageant had a “good curriculum” in terms of the criteria for judging. Anne also pointed out how every candidate should be given an “equal chance” in the pageant.

“I’m surprised but I’m not shocked by the quality or by the high standard, the benchmark of the judges. I think we had a good curriculum. That’s why I’m not shocked but I’m surprised because usually, they get in, but it’s good news for a lot of other countries. Because they usually say, ‘Oh right, Top 16 is always the same.’”

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Meanwhile, regarding the accusations that the competition was “rigged and set up,” Anne answered by saying that she didn’t need to “jeopardize” herself by doing such. The empowered woman then asked pageant fans to respect the results, most especially the Miss Universe 2022 titleholder R’Bonney Gabriel who “did a great job” in the competition.

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