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READ: Catriona Gray’s message to people struggling with mental health issues

READ: Catriona Gray’s message to people struggling with mental health issues

Just recently, Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray, together with Madame Tussauds,  had virtual meet up with her fans across the globe. In a livestreaming video, the beauty queen answered some questions related to her upcoming unveiling of her wax figure and personal life.

Catriona shares advice

During this pandemic, most of us are finding way to cope up emotionally and psychologically. With all happenings in the world right now,  Catriona shares an inspirational message to people who are struggling with their mental health. She, then, admitted that she also felt hopeless sometimes.

“It is really difficult especially at this time. Like a lot of people, I try to stay informed and watch the news to know what’s going on. But a lot of times it can be very heavy  — it can be very discouraging. I sometimes feel very hopeless. But something that’s been helping me is helping in small ways that Ican. So I’ve been doing charity drives, fundraisers. And I find that not only helps me deal with the current situation — it helps me take away my hopelessness,” Catriona shared.

Motivating herself

As normal person, Catriona find ways to motivate herself in this time of need. “But also it inspires me to because I see the other people who are doing the same thing or I hear the stories of the families or the individuals or the frontliners. And it just gives me a lot of hope. Catriona


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“And I feel like just setting your eyes in the right things, you can have the choice to focus on the negative or you can have the choice to focus on the positive and be hopeful. So I’d just be focusing on the latter. And it’s been helping me a lot And that’s how I’m able to stay inspired and to stay in high spirits,” she added.

Among those who joined the e-meet were her fans from Malaysia, the US, Indonesia, Canada, Brunei, Thailand, Cambodia, Australia, Singapore, and Mexico.

Meanwhile, Catriona’s wax figure will be launched in Manila in 2021 and will be followed by a tour in Thailand and Hong Kong.

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