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Catriona Gray Recreates Her Miss Universe Looks for Madame Tussauds

Catriona Gray Recreates Her Miss Universe Looks for Madame Tussauds


With all the anxiety looming all around us, an ounce of positivity can give us so much joy. This time, Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray, gives us the creative and digital content we all need during this MECQ. With a video on her IG account, she recreates her looks for her historic Universe journey. These favorite glam moments are presented by Madame Tussauds and are the three looks of her wax figures that will be touring around Singapore, Bangkok, and Hongkong.

Who can forget her amazing run for the Miss Universe crown, and it makes us all nostalgic. This video can surely make your heart melt and will make you proud us a Filipino. With all the distressing news creeping our hearts, this is the dose of happy pill we all need.

What Has She Done So Far this ECQ?

Catriona has stayed relevant during this lockdown, she has never faltered to use her platform and influence in the best light. She spearheaded the campaign #NoWorkNoRice and has raised $44,000 or P2.2M which has benefited 5,000 struggling families in Tondo. This initiative has shown that she has not backed down on her promise of giving some silver lining to the depressed areas of Tondo.

Not only that she uses her voice, but she also uses her enchanting voice to inspire our health workers who have been offering their lives during this pandemic. Her soulful rendition of John Lennon’s Imagine is so full of emotions that bares her soul and heart to us

With the current Miss Universe Zozi Tunzi from South Africa, she discusses how can we be creative during the lockdown and why it’s a must to stay at home. Surely, she’s educating people and letting us know that she truly cares for the Filipino people who supported her. Our fight is her fight too and she wants us to know that we can all overcome this together should we help in flattening the curve.


The impact of COVID-19 on travel is unprecedented. With tourism taking a bad hit, she promotes how beautiful La Union is, reminding us where to go once the ECQ is lifted. It’s a message that after we overcome this, we should support our tourist destinations first. This tells us that she’s not only philanthropic, she’s also patriotic. With all the territorial disputes hounding us, she is the ambassador we are looking for.  #Suportlocal #Lovelocal.

Truly an amazing queen she is, a kind of Filipina we should all emulate. She always reminds us why she deserves to be immortalized through the wax figures of Madame Tussauds. She’s a kind of queen we all need especially in this time of crisis.

Thank you Catriona, for making us proud and giving us comfort in this time of need. You’re such a one of a kind Queen that we should all treasure for a lifetime. You are surely forging your legacy not only in the history books and Museum Halls but also in our hearts.

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