Bukod-Tangi: Meet Cup of Joe and their different blends of music

Born in Baguio City, it only took a few months for the band Cup of Joe to win many hearts. From becoming an online hit to winning awards with their songs, this band is unquestionably one to keep an eye on. They’re serving up music that’s as hot as a great cup of coffee.

Photo from Cup of Joe

Six talented Baguio boys make up the Cup of Joe. Lead singers Gian Bernardino and Raphael Ridao, Xen Gareza on keyboards, Gabriel “Fernandez” on lead guitar, Raphael “Seve” Severino on bass guitar, and CJ Fernandez on rhythm guitar make up this group.

Photos from Cup of Joe

Meanwhile, the band’s distinctive name, Cup of Joe, is a slang term for a cup of coffee. To make music that people could listen to, they wanted to mix it up like a cup of coffee. Their music acts like a warm cup of coffee when people need that energizing boost to get through the day. Their music uplifts and motivates those who listen to it.

Moreover, their music is something that truly calms you down and makes you pause to appreciate the good things in life each time you take a sip. Additionally, like a bittersweet cup of coffee, their music gives you the strength to face the outside world. The majority of Cup of Joe’s songs revolve around this. You might want to add their music to your playlist after reading what I have to say about them.

Meet the rising band Cup of Joe and why they should be on your radar

Humble beginnings

Cup of Joe started the band in November 2018 while still in senior high school. In Baguio, where they attended high school, they first met and later started the band. They are just ordinary students who wish to share their music with people, just like “Joe” in their band name.

Photo from Cup of Joe

Additionally, Cup of Joe was originally only going to perform in Baguio. They perform at community talent shows, school music festivals, and private parties where they perform popular songs. They were just like any other aspiring musician, accustomed to playing song covers for a few audiences. Not until they made the decision to create their own. They created Nag-iisang Muli, their debut track, which they uploaded on Spotify on February 25, 2019.

Cup of Joe claims that, despite the fact that they are still developing their sound as a band, people are already finding their catchy pop songs to be enjoyable. They originally shared their recorded song on Facebook before uploading it to Spotify. They said that the song’s rise in popularity began when a large number of people streamed it in a single day.

Award-winning songs

After posting Nag-iisang Muli online, they released a simple video in addition, propelled by the rising number of Jowables, as their fans call themselves. The song quickly became popular after going viral. At the 2019 MOR Awards, it was nominated for Best Regional Song and won. Entering the music industry has suddenly become a smart move.

Photo from Cup of Joe

Indeed a good idea. Cup of Joe received its first Awit Award nomination for Best Recording by a New Group thanks to Nag-iisang Muli. Following the success of their song online, Viva Records, a record label affiliated with Viva Entertainment, found the band on Spotify. They coordinated a contract signing on June 17, 2019, after communicating with the executives.

In addition, the group received a nomination for Best Christmas Recording with Alas Dose. Likewise, it indicates how talented these guys’ musical abilities are. Imagine a newly formed band that has just released their own songs and is already receiving a deluge of support and winning awards. They are, without a doubt, one of the industry’s most promising artists.

Their captivating hit songs

Their award-winning song, Nag-iisang Muli, is about embracing warmth no matter how chilly life becomes. This popular song has more than 5,000,000 streams on Spotify. More excellent releases followed. A couple of them were the beautiful tribute to Sagada and the catchy Hayaan. On Spotify, Sagada has already had more than 3,000,000 streams, and Hayaan has received more than 1,000,000.

Photo from Cup of Joe

In response, Cup of Joe just dropped the indie pop song Bukod-Tangi with a flavor of Latin jazz. It is inspired by those who are hesitant to show their actual self for fear of being judged. Also, they aimed to give everyone the confidence to express themselves. It may feel like a burden, yet their uniqueness is what makes them remarkable and lovely. They intended for the song to serve as a reminder of the beauty of individuality and uniqueness.

Bukod-Tangi has received a genuinely good response. Beyond the Jowables, the music affects others as well. For individuals who are hesitant to be who they truly are, the refrain “Nag-iisa ka, wala ng iba” seems to have resonance. Beautifully composed, crafted, and put together.

According to the band, “they were allowed to explore” and “create a fresh sound,” making this song literally one-of-a-kind and distinct from their other tracks. With this song, Cup of Joe has made a significant breakthrough in their career.

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Rising fame

The popularity of Cup of Joe is well-deserved. With a few of their songs receiving a significant amount of Spotify streams, the band is currently on the rise. With their song Ikaw Pa Rin Ang Pipiliin Ko, the band topped Spotify’s “Pinoy Indie Mix” last month.

My favorite song by them, Mananatili, is on another track that’s included in the popular playlist’s Top 10.  It gives the summer vibes whenever I listen to it. It is a song that can be your companion whenever you travel. 

Following the release of a new lyric video for Estranghero by the band’s label, the band noticed an increase in streams on Spotify. Since then, “Estranghero” has also entered Spotify’s Viral Hits Philippines playlist and OPM Rising playlists Top 10.

Photo from Cup of Joe

Estranghero, or “stranger,” is about estranged relationships, as the song’s title suggests. People gradually drift apart, forgetting their reasons and becoming strangers to those they once loved.

They didn’t expect Nag-iisang muli to be more than a Baguio hit. The song, however, deserves more than that because it honors the praises it has garnered. It demonstrates that the band and their music are deserving of national recognition.

I think these boys are already one step closer to their dream given all they have accomplished thus far. It is clear that they exhibit exceptional talent as they are one of the rising and talented bands in the country. We have high expectations for this band. They should continue to express each member’s uniqueness in their song while still indulging in the OPM scene.

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