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Callalily Music and This Band collaborate for an upcoming track Bahala Na

Callalily Music and This Band collaborate for an upcoming track Bahala Na

Sound on! Our favorite Pinoy pop-rock bands Callalily and This Band announced their upcoming collaboration track Bahala Na. Coming in all music streaming platforms this August 13.

Callalily Music and This Band collaborate for an upcoming track Bahala Na

The two pop-rock bands Callalily and This Band revealed and announced their upcoming track on their social media accounts. They also posted the 19-second audio teaser of Bahala Na on their posts. Meanwhile, Viva Records also shared on their Facebook page the teaser to support the new music of the bands.

Furthermore, Callalily Music recently celebrated its 16th year anniversary last July 7. The Pinoy band started their journey started in 2005 and continually make music until now. Moreover, the band also has their latest single song Ilaw released last January 11. The song is about the glimpse of light in the dark times we are experiencing in life. It has now 368,572 streams on Spotify.

Meanwhile, This Band shared their latest single Wala Ka Nang Magagawalast June 4.  The new single tells the story of those who experienced heartbreak after heartbreak yet never gives up. It has now 261, 599 streams on Spotify.

Fans and netizens excitement

In line with these, fans and netizens show their utmost support for the bands. Many were excited and glad that their beloved Pinoy band come back and team up for the new track. They can’t wait to stream and listen to the two best pop-rock bands’ collaboration of the country.

Concurrently, the supporters give some comments on their posts, asking if the new song will give another heartbreak. While some stated that their hearts are excited and ready to be broken on the forthcoming music, Bahala Na.

What do I look forward to their collaboration track?

Knowing the Callalily and This Band working together gives me high expectations. Probably because I know how classic and remarkable their songs are to everyone. As well as the impact they always give every time they perform on stage. That’s why seeing them team up in one song will definitely be worth listening to. I will surely add Bahala Na to my OPM song playlist.

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