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Blueming and its portrayal of popularity and insecurities

Blueming and its portrayal of popularity and insecurities

As human beings who often experience sorrow and struggles, it is normal to fantasize about a perfect world like the fairytales we watched as kids. While some fairy tales do come true, as we reach the age of adulthood, we start experiencing a harsh back to reality. Especially, when we start being pressured, particularly with popularity and insecurities. This was portrayed in the campus-based romantic drama Blueming, a Korean BL series about two college boys studying film.

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Blueming centers on a young man named Siwon who makes an effort to maintain his physical appearance, while Daun, the popular boy next door, receives warm welcomes although not present at the first-year orientation.

Blueming and its portrayal of popularity and insecurities

Causes of popularity and insecurities

Siwon used to be self-conscious about how he looked since he thought he was overweight and ugly. He was also mistreated because he didn’t have a father because his parents had separated. Since then, Siwon worked hard to improve his appearance, and he became successful. As it emphasizes the root of these fears, the portrayal of insecurity and how to overcome it felt genuine. The protagonist drives himself to overcome it and shows the audience that achieving goals requires effort.

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Popularity Rivalry

We might think this is the fairytale of our dreams right away, but it’s not. Siwon had no doubts about becoming the most loved student in school as he started college. Daun, who has a perfect appearance, excels academically, comes from a wealthy family, and even has a positive demeanor, stands out from the rest. He naturally wins everyone’s hearts with ease. Siwon was intimidated and insecure around Daun despite his efforts to uphold his status and popularity at school.

It indicates that although insecurities do come and go, they inevitably return. Particularly to those who give the most attention to what other people think of them. The show highlights how crucial it is for self-conscious people to get over their insecurities for themselves and not for anyone else.

Insecurities still haunt

Let’s jump ahead in the story: Siwon and Daun end up falling in love. The picture still includes Siwon’s insecurities, though. He questions Daun’s feelings towards him. He asks Daun the reasons behind his love for him and the qualities he appreciates. Despite having a great demeanor and increasing his confidence, he still struggles with insecurities. Siwon’s insecurities are still evident, in reality. He didn’t really overcome them because, despite changing himself, it appears that they have returned to haunt him.

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The way in which insecurity is portrayed in Blueming and how it is effectively weaved into the story sets it apart from other shows. Additionally, this program spreads awareness about insecurities and people who pass judgment on others. Particularly in South Korea, where the image is everything, this was a strong story.

The show delves further into it and makes the point that, even though we get over our physical insecurities, we truly need to get over our judgment against ourselves. The show goes to great steps to make sure that the characters it depicts are authentic and genuine.

Blueming depicts the characters as they really are—true, complicated, full of depth, and with individual stories. The opening line of the series, “Popular kids shine on their own,” invites viewers to see what the show is about and provides a brief detail of the characters. As the story progresses, it will reveal how these “popular kids” shine despite their imperfections.

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