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barenbliss: These Face Powders from BNB are being commended by the TikTok Community — Know the reasons why

barenbliss: These Face Powders from BNB are being commended by the TikTok Community — Know the reasons why

Why do Filipinos love face powders? This is the very first question that came into my mind upon starting this beauty article. Growing up, I can see some of my friends and classmates retouching with baby powders after class, or even now that I am at work. But when it comes to face powders, how sure are you- that you are already using the quality product?

Even here in the Philippines, K-beauty has paved the way to redefine what freshness and beauty should look like. In TikTok, the compact powder and loose powder products of barenbliss are definitely creating so much buzz and feeds, and also- hype! Netizens are so positively drawn and amazed by the aesthetic packaging, effects, formulation, and above all: The overall quality.


a compact powder with good oil control and offers sun protection? yes please! 💕 going to #BloomMyWay with #BNBCompactPowder 🌸 #BNBaeReview #barenblissPH #24HFineToRefine @barenbliss_ph

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I don’t need to worry about my make up budging thanks to @barenbliss_ph’s Compact Powder! #barenblissPH #BNBaeReviewPH #24HFinetoRefine #BNBCompactPowder

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The Soul Matte Loose Powder of barenbliss K-Beauty Lab

Here’s one of the reasons why Tiktokers are commending this powder.

Number 1: It doesn’t only help you from preventing oil build-up on your face but also helped you get through the day feeling fresh because of its cooling effect.

Number 2: Aside from being the “topcoat” for your foundation, the soul mate loose powder of barenbliss is packed with organic minerals like Manicouagan Clay that’s very rich in organic minerals like calcium, iron, potassium, and zinc. These mentioned minerals act as exfoliants, a moisturizer, and revitalizing agent that aims to protect your skin barrier from free radicals.

Because of its healing ingredients, there’s no doubt why TikTok Influencers consider this product as their must-have holy grail. Aside from the organic formulation, it’s also made in a very refined way, so it won’t give you the cakey look you might fear from putting multiple layers of makeup products.


There are tricks you need to consider whenever you are using a loose setting powder, and we will be sharing some of the quick and easy tricks just for you!


Sobrang ganda talaga lalo na oily face pa man din ako try niyo na rin guys muah @barenbliss_ph #barenblissph#24HFaceSoulmatte#beautyinjoy#BNBloosepowder

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The Fine to Refine Compact Powder of barenblissph is infused with five Korean flowers such as Hibiscus, Magnolia, Chamomile, Camellia, and Calendula as an organic skin protection power for youthful glowing skin.

Considered by many TikTok Influencers as the “Skin Perfector” This Fine to Refine Compact Powder from barenblissph is a 24-hour-oil controller, imported with elastic KSP powder. It has a medium-full coverage, resulting in a shine-free finish that lasts all day. Who doesn’t want a makeup base that’s sweatproof, and at the same time waterproof right? Knowing the fact that the Philippines has humid weather. That’s why this skin perfector from barenblissph is a very good choice for you. It is mask friendly and has a breathable feeling on the face for everyday use.



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