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Affordable Oil-based and Multi-purpose Lip Mattes from Naturale

Affordable Oil-based and Multi-purpose Lip Mattes from Naturale

Are you looking for an oil-based and multi-purpose lip matte? That’s affordable and offers a wide selection of shades? Then maybe you can go ahead and check out Naturale’s catalog.

Their lip mattes are suitable for every skin tone and can be used on either your cheeks, eyelids, or lips! It is made in a premium blend and has a delicious scent but worry not because it’s tasteless.

Naturale’s Affordable OBMP

Since 2017, Naturale has offered its consumers high-quality lip mattes at an affordable price. For only over a hundred pesos (₱110.00), you’d have your highly pigmented lip stain! And after selling out over a hundred thousand tubes of their product, they remain a 5-star rated seller in Shopee. And speaking of Shopee, it is where you can view and choose your shade, suitable for your skin tone and OOTD.

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In addition to that, Naturale’s collection has a total of forty shades. Yes, you’ve read that right. Forty. Indeed, you can find one that matches your mood and taste. And have I mentioned that most of their shades’ names are Filipino terms? Some of them you might not have heard about yet!

Witty shade tags with a Filipino twist

To name a few, they have lip mattes in shades of Mutya, Mayumi, Hiraya, Marilag, Tableya, Dapitan, Kayumanggi, Marahuyo, and Sapantaha. And that’s just about one-fourth of Naturale’s collection. You would probably not run out of options, from light shades to dark ones.

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Moreover, according to Naturale, their Oil-Based Multi-Purpose Matte Stain formula aims to give a lightweight yet highly pigmented lip stain. It has a matte finish but is non-drying and does not emphasize the line of your lips—giving beautiful and nourished-looking lips. Doesn’t that entice you to give their products a try?

What are you waiting for? Check their shop out and have one for yourself!

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