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A callout against catcalling

A callout against catcalling

In a patriarchal society, women are everyday gambling against many faces of injustices, with catcalling being only one of those. From discrimination existing in workplaces, stereotypes at home, and now to a fight taking place in the streets— women always had to compromise in the world predominated by the arrogance of machos.

More than one could ever describe, the struggle is bigger than it seems. It’s still a long way to go before burdens are uplifted. But with little progress, anyone is so much capable of moving the imbalance scale of genders.

To make a remarkable change, know how you can help.

(NOTE: Please be advised that this article contains potentially triggering topics like rape, violence, harassment, etc.)

What does it mean to be catcalled?

Merriam-Webster defined catcalling as the act of shouting, harassing, and often sexually suggestive, threatening, or derisive comments at someone publicly. While it can happen to anyone regardless of gender, women are the primary victims of this filthy system as instigated by men. And I bet, I need not say more.

Some may consider catcalling insignificant, but the mindset per se only adds to the already profound weight shouldered by women. No wonder, our country is on the tail end of being progressive when it comes to matters involving gender and sexuality.

It is long overdue to resist being behind, but never late to finally take a stand. Catcalling should be stopped, and here’s why:

Because women didn’t ask for it

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The term “catcall” is derived from the act of attempting to get the attention of cats by whistling or making hissing sounds.

In itself, it proves the hideous tolerance of objectifying women by comparing them to animals. Let alone, it is the leniency of making unwanted comments, which we seem to accept despite being problematic. And none of these did the women ask for.

If one has enough amount of morality left in their body, it’s basic human decency to not provide what is not necessary.

Catcalling is never a compliment

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The major but useless defense used by catcallers to cover up themselves is by insisting they never meant harm. Following their logic, by throwing unsolicited, disrespectful, and dirty remarks, it’s none of their intention to offend women at all.

It makes no sense to blame the victims, and only fools will consider such reasons valid. After all, wrongdoings can never be justified to any lengths.

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Compliments are only complimentary if it makes someone feel good. And as far as women would know, catcalling only makes ground for anything, but comfort.

It equates to rapists’ mentality

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Most importantly, catcalling is a form of harassment. And by allowing this practice to grow by risking the capacity of women to endure, we do more than worse.

In a wider perspective, it perpetuates violence against women, abuse, and rape. So we become instruments in the swelling existence of these crimes by doing nothing. To be a criminal doesn’t make much difference with permitting misdeeds to happen.

We need to fully eradicate serious threats against the position of women in our society. And we can only do that by learning to stand up to any involving concerns, no matter how little.

Women deserve better

For someone that is a source of life, and is no less important than anyone, women do not deserve inequality. In a long period of unfairness that they have experienced until now, it’s only fitting they get what is rightful to them.

And by that, we mean being acknowledged without prejudice, to be treated fairly. Because they are themselves, they are women.

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