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Take life seriously, but be easy on yourself!


Take life seriously, but be easy on yourself!

Challenges and changes are a few words we can use to describe what life is all about! We say take life seriously, but being easy on yourself is a mere reminder to hold your grip. Maybe a lot of us are running extremely fast and might miss something we should be enjoying.

Understanding life in general and its point is a good step towards a better way of living. However, somewhere down the line, we have to go deeper.

Let go, stop holding back! 

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When we get older, we learn to accept things effortlessly, especially if we have been in that situation multiple times. Letting go of the people you used to love isn’t the challenging part but the memories that keep reminding you of them. However, we should remember that letting go and not holding back the people not worthy of your time and effort is a good definition of self-love!

You are who you are

Compromising your identity as a person to please the people around you is self-destructing. Being who you are and not worrying that people may hate you is the road to your happiness. Remember, keep your circle genuine for you to grow and expand your horizon.

Take life seriously but be easy on yourself!
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No matter what, they can say what they want

We have to accept that you matter how good we are, people will always have something to say about us! Stop, pleasing, and beg for good words in return for your friendship with them. It is okay to cut people out.

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We grow, we out outgrow! 

Growing is part of the process. Learning is another thing! When learning new things and starting executing that one by one, we would end up outgrowing people. Outgrowing the people around us is okay. Don’t be afraid to learn, relearn and unlearn things. Allow yourself to discover your inner strength and capacity. It will eventually prosper into something greater.

Take life seriously but be easy on yourself! Outgrow people
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Your priorities are on top

Being lost in the middle of your wants is somehow okay. However, keeping a good list of your priorities should be on top of the game. Nothing is wrong in doing and going in different directions but always go back on your track.

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Take life seriously but be easy on yourself! Hands
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Choose yourself

Perhaps the most challenging part out of everything is by choosing yourself! We tend to put someone as our main priority and not think of ourselves! This time, we should prioritize ourselves, so we can serve the right people better! When we are whole, we share love better. When we are happy, we share the same happiness with everyone too. Choosing yourself is choosing happiness!

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Love yourself harder

Understanding yourself from a different perspective will bring awareness of who you are and what you can do for the people you want to keep in your life. It is important that we do not only choose ourselves but also love ourselves harder. Give yourself the time you need, to reflect, re-evaluate, and do the things that give you happiness.

Take life seriously but be easy on yourself! love yourself harder.
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Life is full of ups and downs that will lead us in different directions and decisions. However, let us not forget that living at the moment isn’t about taking all the hits, also being able to smoothly sail. What do you think is your great life lessons?

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