8 Things Your Crush Or Significant Other Notice About You

First of all, you don’t need your crush to notice you. If they don’t, then it’s their loss. Sure, it can feel like you’re invisible to the people you like. And, falling infatuated with a person with someone who doesn’t seem that you exist could leave you with heartaches rather than butterflies in your stomach. You don’t need to change anything about yourself to make somebody like you.

When you’re truly yourself, that’s when people will start to like you. Accept the flaws and imperfections that make you you. And, your crush may even become your significant other. They start noticing some things about you. And, we listed down only a few things that they possibly do.

8 Things Your Crush Or Significant Other Notice About You

When you look good and presentable.

I don’t know if anybody has heard the saying the eyes fall in love first, then the heart follows. It doesn’t matter what you wear or whether you’re wearing enough makeup. When you feel good about yourself, that’s when you start looking good. It makes you feel confident and confidence is what attracts people to you.

Sure, there are people who will only see you by the way you look.

Just like Forbes contributor Ty Kiisel once said, you are judged by how you look, how you dress, and how you carry yourself. However, you shouldn’t do those things for other people. You should make yourself presentable for yourself. Because, at the end of the day, your opinion about yourself is what truly matters.

When you smell good.

According to licensed mental health counselor and author of Copeology Dr. Joanne Frederick, the perception of a potential partner’s body odor can subconsciously help one decide if they’re attracted to them or not. So, it truly means that scent has some kind of effect on attraction. It plays a role in capturing someone’s attention.

When you’re attracted to someone, you’re more likely to be drawn to their smell. Some say that we release pheromones which are also referred to as love hormones. This, then, causes someone to be drawn to someone’s smell. So, simply being hygienic or applying certain scents that aren’t too overpowering can enhance attraction.

Your smile.

Smiling a lot helps you feel fantastic and positively impacts those around you. Smiling is important. Regardless of whether we know the person we’re smiling towards, a positive impression created by this helps make your crush notice you. Wearing a smile makes you appear appealing and confident in front of your crush.

When you take interest in who they are and when you pay attention to what they say.

Have you ever seen those trending TikTok videos where the girlfriends invite their boyfriends to go and do something that he loves? You can see the excitement on his face. Sure, you and your crush or significant other have different interests. And, it may be hard for you to listen or even do things that aren’t in your comfort zone.

But, when you listen to their story, it makes them feel good about themselves. Plus, when they tell you their story and they tell you what they like, it means that they trust you. According to psychotherapist and author Gary Neuman, people appreciate it when other people are interested in what they have to say.

People feel more appreciative when the topics of their interests don’t abruptly change. It allows them to talk more about themselves. When you strike up a conversation of their liking and when you ask follow-up questions, they respond compassionately which makes them appreciate you even more.

When you make them feel valued by showing them how much you care for them.

People’s spirits lift when they are appreciated and when someone is treated as special. It provides us with a sense of security at its basic level, that someone is taking care of us. It also has an energizing effect. Your crush or significant other likely notices this about you, especially when you show them how much you care. They notice the way you express kindness with genuine gestures.

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When you take it easy.

Things quickly spiral out of control when you overthink where you stand with your crush or significant other. When it comes to them, you can keep things as basic as possible. Make sure to talk to them, and see where their boundaries lie. It’s important to set boundaries. That way, neither of you two of you make the other unintentionally uncomfortable.

When you make them laugh.

A sense of humor has become the must-have quality that attracts people to someone. Making your crush or significant other laugh totally wins their heart. People love being with someone who can make them giggle, especially when they feel downcast. Being around someone who makes them laugh makes their life smoother, lighter, and less stressful.

Being silly surely attracts attention. However, knowing when to quit can make your crush or significant other feel assured.

People feel safe, comfortable, and free to be themselves when they’re around a funny fella. Your demeanor teaches them to laugh at themselves and at the silliness of life. Aside from that, it just means that you don’t need to keep up a fake facade. You can make a fool out of yourself and it would still make them feel comfortable and secure.

When you say how you truly feel about them.

There is nothing wrong when you confess your feelings. The experience of standing in front of your crush, holding their hand, and finally confessing your feelings is thrilling. Sure, they may accept or reject you. But, at least, your crush may appreciate your honesty and give you a chance.

Your significant other, on the other hand, feel your love more when you tell them. They appreciate you even more and continue their trust with their hearts. So, don’t forget to let them know.

Remember, you don’t have to do anything or change anything about yourself to make your crush notice you. If they don’t notice you, then it’s their loss for ignoring such an amazing human being.

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