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Taking Care of One’s Health During the Christmas Season

Taking Care of One’s Health During the Christmas Season

Filipinos’ definition of the Christmas season stretches from September to early January. There are a lot of Holidays during these months. Thus it’s not difficult to lose track of one’s healthy habits. We must always consider that taking care of our health is our number one priority before we feast nonstop on all of those scrumptious meals.

Here are a few reminders we should remember for our health and safety during our country’s long Christmas tradition.

Plan trips to relieve stress

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The Christmas season is all about the Christmas spirit, and what best way to celebrate it than to plan trips for family and friends? Plan trips for loved ones to relieve stress both for you and your family. Why not visit a known Hot spring? Go somewhere far from the chaotic city. Be one with nature.

Plan your next getaway destinations in places that would foster positive energy. It’s a known fact that simply admiring and looking at nature can reduce overall stress, anger, fear, and any negative emotions thus increasing pleasant feelings.

Make time for simple exercise

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It’s difficult to maintain that stick diet during these times but we must all make compromises for our health. You don’t need to completely steer away from all the sumptuous meals, just make sure to balance your lifestyle.

A simple walk or jog can make a big difference when done repeatedly. This Christmas season is full of unhealthy foods; be sure to get them out of your system properly. A few minutes of exercise a day can truly save your life from all the cholesterol that you’re about to consume.

Make healthy food choices

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Makes sure to have a balance meal plan and don’t just simply munch everything into oblivion. The Christmas season might as well be dubbed as the most gluttonous holiday of the year. Sweets are overflowing, fatty foods are everywhere and so many tempting unhealthy options.

Although this comes once every year, we still have to pace ourselves and make our health our top priority. A few bites of Lechon or Crispy Pata should be enough, don’t take a whole plate. Opt for a more healthy meal like chicken or fish. It’s better to eat less now than to no longer be able to eat the next year.

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Avoid crowded areas as much as possible

There may be people that would rather go into the big cities for this holiday season, and there’s nothing wrong with that. However, it’s better to avoid crowds as much as possible. The threat of the pandemic still lures us. Illness and viruses won’t take a vacation just because we feel festive. In fact, they’ll be thriving more under these circumstances.

Celebrate in a more open area rather than indoors with many people. Always remember to equip yourself with protection such as; vitamins, ethyl alcohol, a facemask, etc. Just because it’s the holiday season, doesn’t mean you’ll forget that the pandemic is still a problem all over the world.

Avoid substance abuse

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We can’t forget that Filipino tradition of drinking from dusk to dawn. But for this Christmas season, can we all just collectively pace ourselves from any substance harmful to the body? Don’t drink too much to the point of passing out. Stay within your boundaries. Be kind to your body.

And please don’t do drugs. It’s not cool, I swear. Avoid any substance abuse and only consume what is recommended. Stay healthy for next year and the following years after that.

The Christmas season happens once a year but is repeated annually. However, your health doesn’t have that much longevity. Especially if you don’t take care of it today, you won’t have anything to take care of next year. Don’t abuse your health, it’ll backfire. Don’t worry too much about the fear of missing out on many things this year, what’s important is you can have those things next year as long as you stay healthy and kicking.

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