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5 Tips for Your Next Studio Unit Makeover

5 Tips for Your Next Studio Unit Makeover

5 Tips for Your Next Studio Unit Makeover

Since the pandemic, people have undergone self-isolation and been quarantined in their homes. Staying inside for seemingly endless periods can be too unsettling and even a bit boring as days and months go by. To add to the budding discomfort, most companies adopted the Work-from-Home setup.

Most people now complain of their homes being too stuffy and suffocating for their taste, especially those who live in small apartments and studio units. While sprucing up your studio unit may be a bit farfetched, that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. With the right dose of inspiration, creativity, and unconventional thinking, you can change up your own space. Here are five tips for your next studio unit makeover.

5 Tips for Your Next Studio Unit Makeover 1

Divide your studio unit into tiny but distinct spaces.

Your studio unit will be fully utilized if divided into different areas. Since most studio units lack walls and other partitions, you can use different modular furniture or other unconventional pieces to divide your “tiny rooms”.

Divide and define your spaces to make the room feel more spacious and to make use of every corner and nook effectively. You can place the bedroom area next to a windowsill, the kitchen area to the space where most outlets are located, and the living room where you feel most comfortable receiving visitors.

These can be separated through things. For example, shelves can divide the bedroom and the living room effectively. A shower curtain can serve as a division inside the bathroom while your living room table can also serve as your dining table. You can place rugs and other floor carpets to establish a definite distinction between rooms.

Try to rearrange your appliances and furniture.

Take a swift look at your studio unit. What key appliances do you have? Key appliances refer to furniture or electronic machines that are pivotal to your studios, such as the bed, sofa, and shelf.

Once you got a full list, try to envision your studio as empty. After seeing your unit empty in your head, place the pieces of furniture in different spots to change your view on things.

Remember that even though you want to revamp your studio, make sure that the new furniture placement still caters to your lifestyle and convenience. Remember that in a studio home, you cannot afford too many things for it will only build up clutter.

5 Tips for Your Next Studio Unit Makeover 2

These things deserve a new owner or a new home to bring spice in. If you feel up to it, you can also sell your existing furniture (if in good condition) to replace it with new ones.

If you want to kick it up a notch, you can also invest in good furniture. Keep in mind to only purchase important ones, and invest in furniture and appliances that can be useful in more ways than one.

One example is a sofa bed or a table that has enough storage space or drawers underneath. Picking the right furniture will help you utilize your space better. You must strive to free your studio unit of things that aren’t that useful and are only taking up unnecessary space.

Find unique and unconventional ways to store things in your studio unit.

With so little space, you must always keep things tidy. Organizing your things will ease your burden of having a cramped home while not sacrificing your hoarder personality.

You can invest in ready-made organizers that can be bought anywhere, or you can also advocate for sustainability by re-using shoe boxes, empty tissue rolls, and cola bottles.

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In your studio unit, you can utilize your walls and put up wall shelves using some spare wood, or custom-made. If you’re running out of ideas for your studio unit, there are plenty of organizing hacks and tips on the internet. Once you lurk on these sites, you’ll see that almost everything can be re-used as an organizer.

5 Tips for Your Next Studio Unit Makeover 3

Choose a color scheme that is pleasing to your eyes.

This tip works like magic, especially if your studio unit feels a tad lonely and drab. It will not only be aesthetically pleasing but it will also serve as a great backdrop for your IG updates and video conferencing.

Choose a palette that follows the color theory. If you want to go old school, consult the color wheel or the Pantone selection. You can go for muted colors or bright ones, depending on your personality and preferences. After choosing, incorporate your color palette into your studio unit. Paint your walls if you can.

Change the bedsheets and hang some paintings. Everything must follow your palette or at least complement it. If you’re feeling extra, you can put up mood boards near your workstation or your bed.

You can decorate your studio unit with plants.

Part of the reason why people feel so cramped in their studio units is that they lack oxygen and air ventilation. While we can always fan up and turn the AC on, it’s best to put plants in your studio. They will help you release stress, increasing your productivity.

It’s a bonus that they’re visually pleasing as well. Plants bring a touch of green inside your studio unit. They give you a small and sustainable hobby. They can even improve your health and well-being. You can place decorative plants in your living room. Succulents are best placed on windowsills. They can decorate even the simplest of apartments. After growing a tiny garden in your studio unit, you’ll feel a sense of accomplishment.

5 Tips for Your Next Studio Unit Makeover 4

One of the advantages of being an adult is having your own space. Having your own space that you can decorate is important. It keeps you grounded. It gives you one goal after another. Overall, these decorating tips will not only better your tiny living space. Nothing beats a fresh new look for your home haven, your personal space, and your comfort zone. It pays to revamp things to create a change in the overall atmosphere of your unit, which will make you truly feel at home. Want to read more articles like this? Click here.

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