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7 Affordable Coffee Maker in Shopee that are Budol Worthy

7 Affordable Coffee Maker in Shopee that are Budol Worthy

Eyes here, coffee lovers! Did you know that coffee is one of the most popular beverages globally? In fact, 3.3 million 60kg coffee bags were consumed in the Philippines alone in 2020. Thus, 79% of the population consumes coffee made at home. 

Why? That’s because coffee can enhance your physical performance and cognitive function. So who would say no to coffee if it gives us the power to get everything done? It makes us want to say, “take all my money in exchange for strength.”

In this post, you would know that it doesn’t need to be ‘that’ expensive to enjoy an upgraded brand of coffee. Or you won’t need to go to a café to get a taste of espresso for as low as 95 pesos; You can create your own café-taste-like at the comfort of your home. Just don’t forget to prepare your coffee grounds.

Coffee Maker in Shopee

1. Coffee French Press Coffee Maker With Filter

Link here: 

Price: P95-165

Press coffee maker is always on the list when it comes to the coffee world. You will see this used by all influencers and make you think that it must be expensive. But, no. You can totally have this for only 95 to 165 pesos. 

You will enjoy the best little brewer that is user-friendly and easy to clean up the coffee maker. Simply put your favorite brewed coffee, french press it, leave it for a little while, then your morning is complete. 

If you’re into black and strong coffee, let Shopee budol you on this one.

2. Pot espresso coffee maker


Price: P428 – P743

At first glance, you would think that pot coffee makers are the same as drip coffee makers. They have the same design and structure, but they are different. 

Pot coffee is the best alternative for home espresso machines for P428. It also has thick, rich, and flavorful, which is great with creamers or frothy steamed types of coffee. 

This coffee maker brews faster than any other because it’s brewing on a gas and electric stove. 

3. Drip Coffee Maker HCM 10B

Link here

Price: P689

A drip coffee maker is a classic household coffee appliance that you would see. Even before you were born, drip was the first loved by your parents and you would experience that too for P689. 

Over time, regardless of how many coffee makers sprout in this generation, this is like an ancestor. It is still loved because of its affordability and capability to brew for six people at once. 

This, on the other hand, is suited to people who drink coffee as often as they drink water. 

4. Pour Over Coffee Maker Set 


Price: P799- 1,289

Have you ever watched “Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha?” If so, you would probably see how dashing Hong Du-Sik was as he made coffee using the pour-over maker. It gives you the aura of that scene when they were in a coffee shop with this maker set. 

It’s a little pricey compared to the first three lists, but it’s worth it. You can control the temperature of the water, how fast it goes into the grounds, and how long it brews.

Many prefer this method as it gives them the power of control over their coffee. The texture, temperature, and taste are in your hand. 

5. Xi espresso coffee machine 


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Price: P1,666

Heads up, the following recommendation might hurt your wallet a bit, but you will get and taste what you paid for.

This semi-automatic coffee machine has a 5 bar steam pressure that extracts and achieves the fragrance you longed for in a coffee. You can also make 2-4 cups of coffee in one brew. 

The only downside of this – it doesn’t have a milk frother wand on the side. But scroll a little more to find a coffee maker for this. 

6. Espresso Coffee Maker Machine With Milk Frother Wand 


Prince: P2,699 – 3,248

The most expensive coffee maker is this one with a milk frother wand on this list. It has all the things you need and feels like you are literally in a cafe. 

It’s instagrammable, for your mydays. More importantly, it has the most delicious coffee extract. The latte-type of coffee that has a heart design at the top? You can do that easily with this!

7. B Coffee Capsule Espresso Machine


Price: 3,199

#BeYourOwnBaristaToday – B Coffee’s tagline, because with this coffee maker, you can simply insert your coffee capsule, press the button, then your espresso coffee is perfect. 

But just like the no. 5 on the list, it doesn’t have a milk frother, but for P3,199, it has a package that gives you a handheld milk frother and the sample of their capsules that you would also see in their shop. 

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