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3 Team Payaman Couples That Will Make You Say ‘PAWER!’

3 Team Payaman Couples That Will Make You Say ‘PAWER!’

Team Payaman is a group of friends who started their careers on YouTube vlogging. Their funny and unique contents attract thousands and millions of people, together with their partners in life who supported them from the very beginning until now. Moreover, these couples never give up to reach their dream together. We all admire how their relationship never changes from then and now. But getting stronger and road to forever. Even though they have different dreams and careers aside from vlogging they all supported each other.

3 Team Payaman Couples That Will Make You Say ‘PAWER!’

Cong Velasquez and Viy Cortez

Did you know that Viy used to be a fan of Cong when he was just starting in Facebook Vine videos? It all started when someone sends a video of Cong to her. She became his fan because of the vlogger’s sense of humor. Viy sent a Facebook message to Cong, stating she’s a fan. Now, they recently celebrated their sixth year of being together. The ultimate story of a fangirl to long-time girlfriend. Besides vlogging, the couple has also started to dominate the business world. They are now successful in their own careers while reaching it together. If you wish to know more about their story, they were featured in Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho.

Viy Cortez | Facebook

Marlon Velasquez Jr. and Vien Iligan

The couple started to know each other in 2017 when Vien sends a Facebook message to Marlon aka Junnie boy. According to their video, Vien first chatted with Junnie saying ‘Hi kyah.’ But now, they have one son and are officially engaged.

Vien Iligan | Facebook

Christian Gaspar and Pat Velasquez

Their story started in an event of a religious church. At the time, Pat was just 13 years old at that time while Christian aka Boss Keng was 16. It happened when Boss Keng called Pat ‘thart,’ which is now their official term of endearment. They’ve been 12 years together and are officially engaged now.

Pat Velasquez | Facebook

I can say that these couples will make you realize that love conquers all. I believe they’ve experienced struggles and hardships which made them stronger. More power and wishing them all the best!

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