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Zoom Virtual Agent is not like any other chatbot — it uses AI!

Zoom Virtual Agent is not like any other chatbot — it uses AI!

Zoom, you know, the one we were not able to avoid for the past two years, and well, yeah, the world’s number one video conferencing tool, recently launched a customer service chatbot called Zoom Virtual Agent.

Subsequently, it can significantly reduce your customer support team’s workload. What’s more dope is how Zoom says its AI chatbot easily integrates with popular CRMs like Zendesk.

Zoom and its Virtual Agent grew similarly to other companies. It created algorithms and trained its app on a massive database to understand how to respond to client concerns. 

Want to be provided with an answer.? Just simply ask Zoom VA. It champions by not making users choose from predetermined questions and answers. Even better, the AI chatbot may ask follow-up questions. Just think about saying “My order hasn’t arrived yet,” and it will ask for your email address. 

Provide that information, and Zoom Virtual Agent will automatically check your orders. Afterward, it would ask you to confirm which items haven’t arrived yet.

Specify the missing item, and the VA will tell you when the product will arrive. Next, it would ask you to confirm if it has solved your problem.

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Its intelligent hand-offs reigns as another useful feature. Zoom knows that some issues require a human agent, in turn, the VA can divert calls to specific departments. With this, your customer service system runs smoothly by resolving concerns in a timely manner. 

Get this, Zoom Virtual Agent also operates 24/7 across your online, mobile, and social media channels in any language. To cut it short, the AI chatbot can help businesses outside of the United States. Moreover, it is highly customizable, allowing users to create customized data flows and messages.

Do you know what this means? Zoom chatbot can provide analytics data that can help you improve business operations.

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