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Yakitateh in Legazpi will make you experience Japan!

Yakitateh in Legazpi will make you experience Japan!

Make your way to Yakitateh in Legazpi Albay for a taste of Japan. It’s no exaggeration to say that the newly opened Yakitateh will make you feel like you’re in Japan. It’s all beautiful, from the design to the delicious Japanese food. Your ramen cravings will be satisfied at Yakitateh and other food from the menu is a must try. All of their food is delicious, and the prices are fair.

Experience Japan at Yakitateh in Leagazpi!

Yakitateh in Legazpi
Graphics | Rianne Royce B. Opeña
Photo | Yakitateh-Legazpi Branch
Photo | Here in Legazpi Albay

The interior design team at Yakitateh did a fantastic job of giving diners a taste of authentic Japanese culture. There was a warm, inviting, and distinctly Japanese vibe at the counter, right down to the banner, the chairs, and the table. The visuals enhance the enjoyment of the food and service. The atmosphere is very Japanese, with furnishings and decorations that are spot-on replicas of traditional Japanese art and architecture. The thoughtful design of the interior will undoubtedly provide the ambiance you seek. The Yakitateh restaurant is located in Legazpi, but there is a second, independent location in Polangui.

Graphics | Rianne Royce B. Opeña
Photo | Yakitateh-Legazpi Branch

There is a wide selection of foods from which you can pick and choose. The menu holds a great deal of promise. The amazingness of this mouthwatering food that will be served to you can’t be overstated. It has a delicious flavor and completely satisfies your cravings. In comparison to the cost, the quality of the food is excellent. 

Graphics | Rianne Royce B. Opeña
Photo | Horst

One of the customer made the takoyaki a must try when you visit Yakitateh as it is so amazing. They are very satisfied with the service and the food as well.

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“I would recommend the takoyaki, it is super delicious and you would really be craving for more”

Ken Orobia

Everything is well worth it in the end thanks to Yakitateh. From the infectious enthusiasm of Japan to the delectable food culture of the country. A satisfying adventure to satisfy your appetite!

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