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Women in Music: Olivia Rodrigo hailed as Billboard’s Woman of the Year

Women in Music: Olivia Rodrigo hailed as Billboard’s Woman of the Year

After her single, Driver’s License, skyrocketed her into mainstream fame, it’s no doubt that 2021 was Olivia Rodrigo‘s breakthrough year. From there, she started dominating the music industry as she captures the heart of listeners across the world!

And what better way to cap that year than to name her Woman of the Year? That’s right, Olivia Rodrigo is the 2022 recipient of the Billboard Women in Music’s Woman of the Year Award! Good 4 U – literally!

To Olivia, for her contributions to the music industry

And Olivia Rodrigo, our ever relatable kween, had it coming.

According to Billboard Olivia’s “emotionally charged songs about heartbreak, jealousy and growing up” allowed her to connect to audiences across generations. As someone who yelled her heart out throughout the whole Sour album, I couldn’t agree more! And it looks like Olivia feels the same:

“What I love most about songwriting is its ability to perfectly capture how I feel better than anything I could have said in a conversation.

Olivia Rodrigo on her acceptance speech as the Woman of the Year honoree

Beyond the award itself, Olivia Rodrigo pays tribute to the women in the music industry. Acknowledging that every woman in the industry before her paved the way and opened doors for so many young women’ such as herself.

And that’s what’s so amazing about this event: every woman here today is working to break down those barriers and change the narrative and support each other and I’m so inspired by all the incredible women in this room.

Olivia Rodrigo on paying tribute to women in the music industry

Capping off her speech was an ode to all the young girls whom she was once like. To “the young girls out there who are writing songs every day in their journals on their bedroom floors“:

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“I’m constantly moved by your vulnerability and your creativity and bravery and I promise everyone here today is working to make this world and this industry a better place for you.

Olivia Rodrigo to the young girls wanting to pursue music

I hope you’re happy (sorry, can’t help it!), Olivia. Congratulations!

Watch her entire acceptance script here:

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