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Why Joey Tribbiani the best FRIENDS character

Why Joey Tribbiani the best FRIENDS character

We are unable to forget any of the characters from FRIENDS, which is what makes them our favorites. The fact that they provide us with the most authentic representation possible of what it is like to have true friends. This also contributes to the success of the television series. Explicitly depicting the trials that true friends must endure. But what makes Joey Tribbiani stand out from the rest of the characters on Friends?

We all know Joey Tribbiani as an italian actor who always has a smile on his face and asks the hot girls, “how you doin?,” as his go-to line of conversation. Who also causes us to squeal with delight and smile broadly each time he utters those words. But when it comes to his friends, he is the goofy one.

Joey Tribbiani’s scenes that seals his place as the best

Joey hiding Monica and Chandler’s Relationship

Joey, Tribbiani Monicca and Chandler relationship
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On the fifth season of FRIENDS, the show’s director threw a huge wrench into the plot. It’s when Chandler and Monica are secretly dating and everyone else finds out to their hilarity. Joey finds out first that the two spent a romantic weekend together a few weeks into their secret relationship. Together, they pieced clues that allowed Joey to combine their “separate” business trips into a single trip. And eventually Joey connected the dots in an amusing way. While talking to Joey, they broke the news that they were a couple, but he was told not to tell anyone.

Happy as he is, but he gets in trouble every time he needs to cover up for Monica and Chandler. And yet, despite his constant misadventures, he does his best to protect their secret for as long as he can.

Scenes of Rachel and Joey

Rachel Green and Joey Tribbiani scenes
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This is a dynamic duo that I adore. Rachel and Joey are the epitome of what it means to be the best of friends. During the time that Rachel was carrying Emma, he was there to comfort her and takes good care of Rachel in his apartment. Takes back Rachel when Emma arrived to this world, when Ross and Rachel have to separate ways again. Despite the fact that he has a lot of feelings for Rachel, he and Rachel had to end their relationship because he cares a lot about Ross. All of it was done by him because he cares for each and every one of them.

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Kathy, Chandler and Joey

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Chandler develops feelings for Joey’s new girlfriend Kathy in the episode where Joey finally gets a girlfriend. After that, things got a little more complicated for the trio when Chandler admitted to kissing Kathy. This hilarious scene involving Chandler being confined to a box is sparked when he loses his temper with Chandler. But then Kathy comes over to tell Chandler that she can’t be with him because she doesn’t want to harm the friendship between he and Joey. As Joey Tribbiani as he is. He finally agrees to forgive Chandler, releasing him from the box. Urging Chandler catches up to Kathy outside.

I finally realized that Joey is the best FRIENDS character because of the little things he does to show how much he cares about everyone.

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