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We can’t get enough of influencer-model Iñaki Torres

We can’t get enough of influencer-model Iñaki Torres

You name it, we have tried almost every thing to fight the boredom during this quarantine. We caught up on the most trending Netflix shows, movies, read books, explored TikTok, and learned new things (like the overrated Dalgona coffee). Upon binge-watching all that we stumble upon online, we couldn’t help but fix our attention on commercial model and social media influencer Iñaki Torres!

Iñaki as a social media guy

He’s among the newbies in social media platforms which explains the yet growing number of followers. Well, we wish we’d known about him before!

On Instagram, he has already almost 110,000 followers! His looks are so attractive and appealing that serve as a magnet to netizens who come across him.

He loves to travel too! He had gone to popular tourist spots not just in the country but also around Asia.

“Travel is also something I’m very passionate about. I really love going places and learning about other people’s cultures and experiencing their hospitality. I believe every chance to travel regardless how far or near, raw or exquisite, is special. I can never get enough of it.”

Aside from being an influencer, he also runs businesses such as a piggery in Pampanga. In fact, he shared that these ventures give him purpose and happiness.

Iñaki on making an impact

Aki wants to be a positive impact among his fans as well. According to him, the key to making an impact among others is to show and teach them how to love themselves.

“But if I were to, say, influence others, it would be to love yourself. Find whatever it is that makes you truly, profoundly happy and run with it. For me, it’s grooming, travel, and business.”

Furthermore, he urges his followers to just focus on loving themselves to the point where they have overflowing love to share with others. Happiness and success can be found when you take the time to nourish yourself.

Very well said, Iñaki! Take his word for it!


Photographer and Creative Director|  Jai Murcillo

Grooming|  Dr. Mark de Luna Alvero

Designer| Jose Ricamonte Karganilla

Stylist|  Mhiko Capiral

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