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VP/Cover: Althea and Bruce, Reel and Real Love in Progress


VP/Cover: Althea and Bruce, Reel and Real Love in Progress

The machinery of the showbiz industry has produced multitudes of onscreen couples but only a few thrived and blossomed into the loveteams they are today. However, we have discovered a pairing that seems to be a match made in heaven.

What started out as a simple friendship during workshop days turned into a constant companionship. As a promising love team, they share a special bond offscreen and onscreen. This up-and-coming duo allowed us to have a glimpse of their relationship — their dynamics as colleagues and confidantes.

A great loveteam comes from small and simple beginnings…

It was back in 2017 when Althea Ablan and Bruce Roeland had their first interactions with each other a lot during their workshops. They were just kids back then, just on the verge of venturing into the world of acting and performing. As awkward youngsters, they found it difficult to interconnect but eventually, they have found their way with each other — through mutual respect and comfort.

Bruce provided his point of view about their first encounters during their workshop days.

“…we were little kids attending acting workshops in GMA. It was a long time ago and we were awkward with each other due to a language barrier.”

He shared that he was having a difficult time speaking Filipino back then while Althea was fluent in the language. However, despite the communication barrier, he had this feeling that Althea was going to be an important person in his life.

Althea also shared how they transitioned from being awkward colleagues to special acquaintances.

“…malaking tulong din ‘yung workshop dahil may communication kaya mas nakilala pa namin ang isa’t isa. Compared before, si Bruce mahiyain siya sa akin pero ngayon, parang wala na lang dahil comfortable na kami sa isa’t isa. Akala mo lang sa una masungit siya pero hindi pala, sobrang bait niya and may respect,” Althea shared.

Because of their apparent chemistry as seen on their appearances in mall shows, TV guestings, and vlogs, their loveteam “AlBruce” was born. They have continued to give fans “AlBruce” content by creating their Youtube channel.

Althea Ablan Bruce Roeland

After getting to know each other thoroughly through the years, they have realized that their relationship is built upon respect, communication, and trust. Their mutual love for their work is also an added factor.

“When it comes to [Bruce’s] craft, serious siya and love niya ang work niya. [Siya] ay trustworthy and if need mo ng help, mapa-acting or school, nandiyan siya to help me. [And] same with me na always here for him,” Althea said.

Bruce also shared that the five years they have spent together made them understand each other more.

“We have known each other for around 5 years now. I can definitely say that we got much more comfortable with each other throughout the years. Now, we understand each other more, we talk about our problems, successes, [and] challenges. We help each other by always being there for one another.”

Althea has also revealed that Bruce is a constant presence during family occasions and has also formed a closeness with her parents and siblings.

As a budding loveteam, the question of sustaining a relationship comes into play. How do they keep the spark burning?

The pair described their reel and real partnership.

According to Bruce, they have a very light relationship.

“[Althea and I] basically have the same mind now because of the countless hours, days, and weeks bonding with each other. We think very similarly [and] understand each other like we are twins. We are always there for each other through the highs and lows in life.”

Meanwhile, Althea said that although they have shared so many stories with each other, she still thinks that there is still room for more.

“I’m looking forward to get to know him and ‘yung mga secrets niya.”

While we’re on the subject of ‘getting to know’, we have to take a sneak peek of their activities off-screen. And it seems that the two couldn’t get enough of each other’s presence.

“Eating together and doing some activities. Nagvo-vlog kami [and] nae-enjoy namin ‘yung pagvo-vlog kasi kahit may camera, parang normal na lang sa amin. At bukod do’n syempre, hindi pwede mawala ang TikTok, nae-enjoy namin mag-learn ng mga dance,” Althea recounted.

According to Bruce, they like to just chill around and bond with each other through movie marathons and even prayer sessions with Althea’s mother.

“Time flies by so fast whenever I am with her. I enjoy every single second together. If there was a chance to live nearby, I would come visit and give her flowers every day, without a doubt.”

On-screen, they always help each other out no matter what.

Althea described how they nurture their working relationship.

“Nagbibigayan kami ng energy and we take care of each other. If need ng help sa scene, magtutulungan kami, syempre with the guide of our directors.”

In Bruce’s account, he shared that communication is the key factor while working together.

“We maintain our relationship through communication. We talk about what we need to do in order for the best outcome in our work, which also comes with respect and support.”

From their work in Prima Donnas to their future projects, let’s find out their thoughts and plans as a young loveteam.

‘Prima Donnas’ gave them the opportunity to spend a lot of time with each other thus building up their chemistry more. Both of them were happy to work with each other in the show. They look forward to doing more together in the future.

To flourish in this demanding industry, the two make an effort to rise above the sea of other pairings by strengthening their bond, their professional relationship, and their chemistry.

Althea Ablan Bruce Roeland

Althea stressed the importance of communication and connection in a love team.

“Dapat comfortable kayo sa isa’t isa. Bawal ang hiyaan kasi if may border sa inyo, hindi magwo-work ‘yung relationship n’yo kasi hindi kayo open sa isa’t isa.”

Bruce also added that “trust” is one of the secrets to a great love team.

“Similarly to relationships, trust allows you to be more open, comfortable, and makes you feel safe with your partner. We know that we have already built a strong foundation of trust now and [we] are ready to face challenges together, either in our careers or in life.”

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Both agreed that their love team is an ‘opposites attract’ trope, appearance-wise and personality-wise. And that’s what makes them unique from the rest.

As aspiring artists, they want to star in more projects together as a love team. Bruce added that he wants them to work on heavy dramas in the future.

But how would they describe their individual artistry?

“Five years na ako sa industry pero masasabi ko [na] starting pa lang ako [at] wala pa ‘to. Madami pa akong pagdadaanan. Kaya I’m always telling myself na maging ready sa lahat ng pwedeng mangyari because life is full of surprises. Basta, I remind myself to give my very best because acting is my passion, I love what I do and [I’m] still improving my acting skills.”

Althea on being an actress
Althea Ablan Bruce Roeland

“I am a work in progress, even though I can say that I know plenty enough about acting. There is a lot more for me to discover and learn about in my craft in order for me to showcase my true potential. I am working on this every day. And with the help of other people, I get closer to my goal step by step.”

Bruce on being an actor

Of course, we have to know how they inspire each other in their work…

“Si Bruce, alam na niya ‘yung mga weakness ko so sa kaniya rin ako nagtatanong if ano kulang sa ginawa ko para sa next, alam ko na kung ano [ang] ia-adjust ko. I’m glad na totoo siya sa akin. Sa way na ‘yun natutulungan niya ako na mas maging maganda ‘yung ginagawa ko.”

“Althea is someone I look up to, not only as a person but as an actor [as well], she really works on her craft and motivates me to work on mine. To be honest, whenever we are in a scene together, I get lost in her eyes. [It] actually helps me be more relaxed and focused on the scene.”

…and why they like each other in real life.

“What I love about Bruce is ‘yung pagiging totoo niya [in] being himself. Si Bruce, wala siyang kaarte-arte, he’s caring and a mama’s boy. Nakakatuwa ‘yung mga guys na mama’s boy kasi they know how to take care sa mga babae. He’s supportive ‘pag magkasama kami then may mga gagawin akong video, pinapanood niya ako and chini-cheer ako and many more. Basta I really love kung ano siya, wala akong masabi sa good personality niya.”

“[I love] everything [about Althea]. I love the little things like how she treats other people, how she smiles, the way she laughs, how she talks, her eyes, her lips, the way she dresses… I also love the big things, which is very obvious to everyone, her professionalism in her craft, her looks. She is one of the most talented people I know.”

Althea Ablan Bruce Roeland

Both of them expressed their gratitude for their supporters.

“We want to thank our fans for the continuous support ever since, and now we are giving back all your love by being a solid love team.”

The way they feel about each other is a testament to how they truly care for each other. They definitely still have a long way to go but their special connection will surely take them to places. With the help of their fans, “AlBruce” will flourish as big and as grand as their love for each other.

We can’t wait for your breakthrough, AlBruce! May your reel and real partnership grow and glow forevermore.

Publisher | Richie de Quina & Gwynn Crisostomo
Editor-in-Chief | John Luke Chica
Senior Editor | Rapha Garcia
PR & Advertising Manager |  Josh Austria
Digital Manager | Allen Esteban
Interview by Joma Dela Merced
Words by Alexandra Olaño

Photographer | Gem Tugade
Retoucher | Jai Murcillo
Studio | Beyond Concepts Studio

Althea Ablan
Makeup | Don de Jesus
Hair  | Arthur Tolentino
Stylist  | Paris Roxas

Bruce Roeland
Grooming | Dexter Gonzalgo
Stylist  | Marc Ranque

Special Thanks to Chester Jan Singian, Felix Ilaya, and Sparkle GMA Artist Center

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