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Twitter teeters on the brink of collapse

Twitter teeters on the brink of collapse

Have you been on Twitter this week? If yes, you’ve probably seen the trending hashtags #TwitterMigration, #RIPTwitter, #TwitterShutdown, and #TwitterIsOverParty.

Why impending Twitter collapse is important…

The common theme among those who posted these hashtags appears to be apprehension over Twitter’s impending closedown.

As a user, Twitter has ingrained itself into my daily life. I used it to rant about personal issues, to advocate for causes or provide important information, for public discussions, and to quickly gather information. My ability to express myself and share information might diminish as a result of Twitter’s potential shutdown.

The fact that Twitter is a public forum makes the platform’s possible fall down important. Twitter has become an essential part of modern society. It is a platform where individuals record war atrocities, discuss important topics, and report on current events. It also captured our public conversations for years.

Here’s what’s happening to Twitter:

Not long after Elon Musk‘s announced his bid for the Twitter takeover, he has tried his best to stamp his mark on the social media service, laying off 50% of its employees, sacking critics, seeking new subscription services, and sending a stern warning that the business must change or it will go bankrupt.

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Musk also stated in a TED Talk about his desire to change how tweets are promoted or ignored in the feed. Twitter is renowned for its secure environments, adaptability, collaborative spirit, and open dialogue. Any change is volatile and uncertain, and this is what scares the platform users. Bloomberg summarizes his statement in a one-minute video.

The most important concern at this point is how Twitter will continue to operate after such a significant loss in personnel in such a short period of time. To ensure they function as they should, large platforms require teams of people to operate continuously. Twitter users are now concerned that the company won’t have enough employees to maintain itself since the platform is having operational issues.

How about you, how do you feel about the probable collapse of Twitter? And if Twitter falls down, which app are you moving to?

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