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How to turn this pandemic into a FUN-demic

How to turn this pandemic into a FUN-demic

The novel coronavirus invaded the lives of many. It took our chance to be more productive, gatherings were canceled, and events were on hold due to a global pandemic.

Spending some time at the beach, eating restaurants, holding home parties, and visiting recreational establishments is currently not possible due to community restrictions. However, we can still make our home quarantine a lot of fun with these exciting activities.

Top 10 fun activities you can try in the comfort of your own home

1. Download a puzzle game from IOS or Playstore. 

Playing games online, like board games or puzzles, will help your mind calibrate. It is one way of detaching yourself from reality and practice your focus. Lastly, it will help you get the relaxation you need for the long run.

Photo: Pexels.com

2. Upcycle your old clothes.

There are no rules when you are upcycling, (meaning reusing or creating another product better than the original) your old clothes.

The only thing you have to ensure is that the clothes you pick should have been in your closet for several years and are currently not being used (We have to let go of the things we don’t need).

Photo: Brightly.eco

3. Capture and write.

One of the best things for our creative folks is to capture and write something about their experiences.

Taking a simple photo of your pets, home decorations, and living space and writing about it can be a relaxing process for us! (You can tell us how much you spent to get your living space set up or any inspiring story on what transpired in your photos.)

4. Write a letter 

Going old school is a sentimental experience when you start writing using pen and paper, but it feels great.

Write your family and friends some encouraging letters. They will appreciate it, especially during this time of pandemic!

However, writing on paper can be time-consuming. If you are not fond of it, the next on the list is your go-to!

Photo: Wacom.com

5. Talk to your friends! 

Giving your friends a call or sending them a text message once in a while will help build your connections with them from a different perspective during this pandemic. It could be a chance to talk about the crazy things you both did while stuck at home during quarantine.

Photo: The Tempest

6. Plant and propagate 

We all know that being a “plantito” and “plantita” became one of the newest trends during this pandemic. Planting and propagating plants will surely help you develop your patience.

Also, planting brings true happiness once your plants started to grow. Then, you can start to propagate them.

7. Redecorate 

Redecorating your living space, kitchen, bed, or the whole house will be a good way to keep you moving and burn those calories.

Also, it can pave the way for you to sell some of the things you don’t need and buy something relevant for your humble spaces.

Photo: rentcafe.com

8. Perfect your pasta recipe

Cooking your favorite pasta and perfecting its process is such a milestone during this pandemic. With this activity, your family can surely tell how much you progressed in your cooking.

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Who knows? Maybe this can be a jumpstart to you starting a small business by selling homemade pasta to your family and friends.

Photo: Food52.com

9. DIY projects

There are great resources online where do-it-yourself (DIY) projects can be learned. YouTube and Pinterest are two great examples of these.

Starting a DIY project can be your ultimate bonding moment with family and friends. Besides, it is an avenue to bring out your creativity.

Photo: Worldbestdiy.com

10. Learn another language

Learning or studying a new language can be a challenging process, yet it can be fun in many ways.

For example, if you are fond of watching Korean drama series, then learning the Korean language will be suitable and entertaining.

Photo: Papora.com

Which one from the list do you want to consider doing? Which one will you be suggesting to family or friends? Let us know!

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