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Disconnection can be a good thing too


Disconnection can be a good thing too

People feel scared whenever they hear the word ‘disconnection.’ Terms like electricity disconnection, water disconnection, and even WiFi disconnection can strike fear in every person today and who would not be? Feelings of fear of cutting ties with something is normal. Yet, there are just some things you can be thankful for after you ‘disconnect’ from it.

Life offers you different challenges and struggles like pain, grievance, rejections, and disappointments. Do not let other things burden you anymore. There are people and things that deserve to be let go of.

Disconnecting from people

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There are people who do nothing but destroy your confidence, sugar coating their words like ‘You know what, you’re beautiful but your fashion sense doesn’t suit you.’

Some people built their confidence for many years, and one person could just break it in an instance.

Giving your opinion matters and it helps others to know what they did wrong. However, you can find light words that will avoid you from hurting someone. It is much better if you tell them frankly, most people prefer that. But, ‘most people’ does not mean ‘all people,’ not everyone can take those frank words. Think twice before spitting words that would offend someone. If you let go of these kinds of people in your life, you’ll find peace somehow.

Disconnecting from your past relationship

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Maybe most of you are still stuck on the person you consider as your ‘almost forever.’ That prevents you from trusting and being happy again. Some compare their present relationship from their past relationship. If you think that you are happier before, that it was better, why did it end?  You need to focus on what you have right now and seize the moment. Nothing is better than what you have right now, because if you believe that your past is better, you’ll never see what is in front of you. You won’t appreciate what you have now, and you’ll never find true happiness.

Disconnecting from your past failures

Disconnecting from your past failures
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Although people said you need to connect from your past to step ahead in the future, not all past experiences deserve to stay with you forever. Treat it as a lesson, yes, but bringing it to your present will just ruin your future. Keep the lessons but leave the feeling. It will be just like a sack of rock that you carry along the way. Why burden your journey with your past, when you can move on and make another experience? Make a brighter future with it.

Disconnecting from social media

Disconnecting from social media
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Disconnecting from social media sometimes feels weird, but it feels better in the long run. There are just things that you could find toxic and happening again and again. Social media will slap you that some things just do not change. Accounts that post hatred and negativity will only bring nothing good to you. Using these platforms will help you be aware of what happens around you. However, some information just doesn’t make any sense and it’ll only add a burden to one’s life.

Additionally, being with your phones and laptops keep you away from what is more important: spending time with your family, talking to them, and building a strong bond. With you holding on to that gadget, you won’t notice the people around you. Instead of appreciating things around you, you only focus on the unrealistic things secluded in that technology. I’m not saying you should disconnect entirely but limit your time with it. Disconnect for a while, and see the world that is not inside your phone.

To conclude, don’t be afraid to cut ties with what is wrong in the past and other things. It will help you grow and become a better person, a more responsible human being. Explore the advantages and limit yourself from being drowned there.

So bring the lesson learned you got from wrong people and bad happenings. Leave the things that hinder you to become the person you wanted to be: a happy and confident individual that will create her/his own bright future. That will be a blessing.

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