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Transform your room with these plantspiration ideas

Transform your room with these plantspiration ideas

Considered to be a sanctuary, a place where we can rest and relax and get some sleep, our bedroom became our world as it remains the place where we can do anything we want. However, our bedroom can also be filled with some unwanted chemicals and toxins that might harm us. This, then, comes the role of plants in our lives. Several bedroom plants that homeowners recommend can help to eliminate toxins and can also be beneficial to us.

On the other hand, bedroom plants such as peace lily, English ivy, scented geranium, spider plant, jasmine, and aloe vera are among those beneficial plants. But, how does it benefit us? Plants can help purify the air as they release oxygen which is good for our bodies. Air purifying plants for the bedroom can have an effect on air as it absorbs and trap toxins and releases oxygen. Plants can also help to relieve stress. Due to work-from-home-set-up people can actually have stress not just in their work but also in their homes.

After identifying the plants and their benefits to our homes. The big question is, how will you decorate your room with these plants? Worry no more!

Here are some plantspiration ideas that will help you decorate your room.

Decorate your side table

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Enhance your working space

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Use hanging plants as ornaments with a combination of small ones

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Pair it with brown and white background

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Above all, these plantspiration design rooms can be achieved with your style. Add your style or maybe you can combine each one of them. No matter what style you want to follow the result still matters. As long as you are happy and feel comfortable with your room. Start decorating your room now and have fun!

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