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Tracey Maureen Perez takes a spot in Miss World’s BWAP final round

Tracey Maureen Perez takes a spot in Miss World’s BWAP final round

Miss World Philippines Tracey Maureen Perez made it to the top six of Miss World’s Beauty with a Purpose challenge, confirmed in her Instagram post.

In addition to her triumph, she mentioned that the Miss World Organization will fund her project dedicated to solo parents.

“Miss World Organization will also be coming to the Philippines to fund my project 💙 Mommy Chona, this is for you and to all the solo parents out there 💙💙💙”

Along with Tracey, the other winners are Manasa Varanasi of India, Shree Saini of the United States, Rehema Muthamia of England, Shudufhadzo Musida of South Africa, and Sharon Obara of Kenya.

Underlining the importance of empowering single parents

One of the highlights of the Miss World pageant is the ‘Beauty with a Purpose‘, a category where the contestant advocate humanitarian issues through their projects.

PH’s bet Tracey captured the hearts of numerous people, including the judges. She underlined her personal narrative of living with a single mother through a five-minute clip titled “Para kay Nanay: A Single Mother’s Journey to Love,

“Growing up with just me and my mom, I’ve seen how challenging it was for her to singlehandedly raise our little yet beautiful family. Despite all the problems, she always had this reassuring smile on her face reminding me that everything was going to be okay,”

Moreover, she recalled how her mother’s death has spurred her to assist other single parents in supporting their families. Her video also featured the project of Tracy in Cordova, Cebu, providing single parents with health and wellness activities and livelihood training.

“When I lost her 11 years ago, I lost a huge part of myself. I even lost my direction. But getting to know other single mothers just like my mom brought me back on track,”

Securing a place in Miss Word 2021 semis

Meanwhile, Tracy already secured a spot in the semifinals after winning the Head to Head challenge held at the Capitol of Puerto Rico in San Juan.

According to Miss World, this year the final decision was based on two speeches. Each contestant exhibited a two minutes talk about their Beauty with a Purpose projects. The judges then assessed how well they could deliver and convey their purpose.

Additionally, each contestant served an Ambassador for Puerto Rico and tell the world why everyone should visit this wonderful island.

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Shining as the Moon Goddess

Furthermore, she once again wore an eye-catching national costume, which created a noise in the pageantry world. Inspired by the local mythology, Tracy featured the Moon Goddess and daughter of Bathala, Mayari.

The fashion designer Axel Que is also the creator of the vivid and magical masterpiece.

MAYARI — Moon Goddess and daughter of Bathala. Hailed as the most beautiful deity, she has complete dominion of the world at night. The moon has been revered as a celestial being by most ancient civilizations in antiquity. Apart from its mysterious allure, it has also been though to have great cosmic influence on the mortal realm.

For sure, pageantry fans are now thrilled! The Miss World 2021 coronation night will be on December 16 (December 17 in Manila).

Good luck, Tracy! The Filipinos got your back as you are vying to be the second Filipina to bag the Miss World crown.

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