Tips On How Can We Help Our Frontliners

Frontliners are at the forefront of this invisible war against coronavirus disease (COVID-19). We’ve seen them risked their lives each day just to help us survive this crisis, keeping us from tipping over. With no end in sight, they have to face an insurmountable challenge and unprecedented workload.

With this in mind, we can’t help but be in awe of their dedication. No words can describe their heroism, but how can we truly honor them and pay back their selfless acts? How can we at least ease their burden or perhaps cheer them on in the confines of our homes?  Here are some of our tips:

Donate to charitable causes

Let’s admit it, they need an added layer of protection and our government can’t provide it all. There is a shortage of masks and personal protective equipment (PPE). Without these must-have gears, we’re dooming them to a heightened risk of infection and possibly even death. A lot of people in the fashion industry have been calling for donations to help like Catriona Gray’s designer Mak Tumang.

There are also others who are raising funds to provide accommodation for them. Our real-life Darna, Angel Locsin, launched #UniTENTweStandPH Campaign to help solve overcrowding in hospitals. The aim is to help set up additional tents for patients and to accommodate more patients who need immediate treatments while also prioritizing the safety of our health workers according to her.

Photo from Angel Locsin | Instagram Story

These are some initiatives that you can donate to. This quarantine period has left us to be worried because we don’t know what lies ahead and what the outcome will be. Most of us are trying to keep our hard-earned cash to get something when things are running out. But sparing a small amount of cash and donating it can be truly empowering and can make us feel good about ourselves.

Make the most of your isolation and be creative

Staying at home is a huge gift to our frontliners as this tightened quarantine restriction is proof that it can be contained, check what happened to Wuhan. Yes, we’re not used to it and it can take a toll on us, but it’s also the best time to be creative. Try to learn a new skill that you’ve been raring to do like to enroll in Digital Marketing or Photography Classes online, or perhaps learn a new language. We recommend that you download Duolingo on your mobile phones. Anything is possible if you can only give it a shot.


You can also create handmade get well soon cards that can be given out to the patients to somehow uplift their spirits. This is a request of one of RITM’s doctors, Dr. Nicole Perreras and can help our frontliners cheer them up. Each patient will get a get well card as part of their breakfast. This is an extraordinary and difficult time. Optimism can help the patients recover faster, which means a lesser burden to our heroes. Should you be interested, you can e-mail your masterpieces to covidletters@gmail.com and they will be printed. It’s time to show off the hidden Picasso inside you.

Pray for them and send some words of encouragement

These frontliners are working longer hours — sending prayers to them and words of encouragement can do wonders. Trying to keep their morale high is crucial and we can only do that by praying for them. It can give them a renewed spirit that will sustain them during long hours. They may not show it, but they are worried too, some have even committed suicide due to high levels of stress. Sending words of encouragement online can inspire and invigorate them.

Credit: When In Manila

These aren’t rocket science and are simple tips to follow. We should be grateful to them and honor their sacrifices by following them. These are some of the little things that we can do that can truly make a huge impact on their lives. We are in the unexplained territory and uncertain times that no one has predicted, so we’re in this together and we’re pleading, let’s all help each other out especially these unsung heroes which are the frontliners.

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