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Community Quarantine: A Big Step for Metro Manila To Counter COVID-19

Community Quarantine: A Big Step for Metro Manila To Counter COVID-19

JUST IN: President Rodrigo Duterte has finally imposed what seems to be the biggest step our country has ever made against the global pandemic that is the 2019 coronavirus disease COVID-19.

On Thursday night, Duterte said that the National Capital Region (NCR) has to undergo “community quarantine” — a mandatory isolation as per Inter-Agency Task Force for the Management of Emerging Infectious Disease.


In this state, specific forms of land, domestic air, and domestic sea travel to and from NCR will be suspended. It starts on the 15th of March 2020 until the 14th of April 2020. It’s also declared that schools within the metro are suspended until April 12th.

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On the other hand, mass public transportation such as LRT, MRT, and PNR will still continue to operate. It’s advised that social distancing and personal hygiene must still be observed.

The president also pointed out that mass gatherings or “planned spontaneous event where the number of people attending could strain the planning and response resources of the community hosting the event” will be banned.

For other areas, LGUs can impose localized quarantines if deemed necessary. It’s also noted that if there’s already been 2 or more positive COVID-19 cases in a barangay, city, or municipality, officials can enact a quarantine. A sound discretion for LGUs outside of Metro Manila must be exercised for any class suspensions.

A silver lining is still expected in these trying times. Close monitoring will be regulated and an assessment of the situation will be made 7 days from now.

“Obey what the government is telling you to do. Wag kayo matakot,” Duterte says. “Wag nyo maliitin. But do not kill yourself with worry. The Government is doing everything to make it at least controllable,” he adds.

In this moment, we’re asked of our utmost patience and cooperation. There’s no better time to show the world-renowned Pinoy bayanihan than today.

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