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INSTAGRAM RAID: Abigaile Montgomery, A rising pop star diva!

INSTAGRAM RAID: Abigaile Montgomery, A rising pop star diva!

Drag might have been pigeonholed as only a parody act during the 2000s. Moreover, Filipino drag queens like Abigaile Montgomery today, have exceeded everyone’s expectations. They continue to prove that drag isn’t just about extravagant garments, make-up, lip-synch exhibitions, and entertaining shenanigans. In addition, they’ve proven how entertaining drag can lead you in the future!

She’s ready to show the world her fashion

Meet Abigaile Montgomery -18 years old, Filipino drag queen. Her aesthetic screams high fashion glamour mixed with a little bit of camp. She wants her looks to have an impact when people see them. Also tries her best to make concepts unique and interesting, so that people would be stunned by her creativity.

At such a young age she shows through her work that drag is for everyone! Working hard while proving she is indeed, something to watch out for in the future of drag here in the Philippines.

She knows how to make her own look!

Abigaile started to learn how to sew at just 5 years old. Her grandmother taught her how to sew. Ever since then, she started learning how to make garments and other stuff.

If you’re going to describe Abigaile Montgomery in a word or phrase? What would it be and why?

SUPERSTAR. Why? I like to believe in the delusion that Abigaile is this pop star diva! Who tours the galaxy wearing high fashion clothing. My biggest fantasy is to tour the world and meet everyone. That’s why I like to think of myself as a superstar.

What is your forte in doing drag as of now?

As of now, I’m very inspired by queens like Prince, Pablo Vittar, and Aquaria. Also, leaning towards very glam, high fashion, and a little bit of camp.

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Who or What inspired you to become a drag queen?

When I started to drag my biggest inspiration was Gigi Goode. I started taking drag seriously around the time her season aired, but as of now, my biggest inspiration is Drag Playhouse Ph because I always get inspired by their artistry and professionalism whenever I assist Marina, Ov, Prince, and, Eva.

Do you plan on Joining Rupaul’s Drag Race Philippines soon?

Yes! But as of now, I’m still dipping my toes into different things. I’m still enjoying the freedom of going to different gigs and hanging out with fellow queens. I’ll join drag race when I’m mentally, physically, and financially ready.

Finally, watch out for Abigaile’s creativity and gigs through her Instagram account. She is certain that all her hard work can make a difference in this world. Drag here in the Philippines has definitely emerged at the top, and they’re finally getting the attention they deserved! Moreover, people from around the world would be gagged to see how well we do drag. As of now she’s doing her best performing and entertaining at different gigs and drag shows. She even performed during this year’s Pride Month, earning her way into the hearts of Filipinos and soon THE WORLD!

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